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Former US president faces legal action as claims of unjust enrichment, fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of contract as well as consumer deception has been leveled at the Jimmy Carter, for a book he wrote titled “Palestine, Peace not Apartheid”.  The Tundra Tabloids emphatically agrees that the former president badly misrepresented the modern day history of the conflict, and is now going to have to prove his case (which the TT believes that he can’t) in a court of law. Bravo to those filing the lawsuit against him. KGS

NOTE: These habitual liars and twisters of the truth have to be held accountable, this is just one such shot fired across the bow of the anti-Israel demonizing Left, that will send a warning that outright lies and obfuscations will no longer be tolerated.


Jimmy Carter sued for Israel ‘apartheid’ book

By Jennifer Lipman, February 2, 2011

The former US President Jimmy Carter is facing legal action from readers who claim he misrepresented Israel in a book about the Middle East conflict.

Mr Carter, who was president between 1976 and 1980, could have to pay more than £3 million if the case is successful.

The dispute is over his 2006 work “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, in which Mr Carter compared the Israeli government to the leaders of apartheid South Africa.

He wrote: “When Israel does occupy this territory deep within the West Bank, and connects the 200-or-so settlements … with a road, and then prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, or in many cases even crossing the road, this perpetrates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than we witnessed even in South Africa”.

The case, filed at the Manhattan Federal Claims Court by a group of readers, accuses Mr Carter of filling his book “with demonstrable falsehoods, omissions and knowing misrepresentations intended to promote [his] agenda of anti-Israel propaganda”.

According to court papers quoted by the New York Post, the group who filed the case said Mr Carter was wrong to have promoted the book as “non-fiction”.

The papers added: “This lawsuit challenges the defendants’ actions in attempting to capitalise on Carter’s status as a former president of the United States to mislead unsuspecting members of the reading public who thought they could trust their former president to tell the truth.”

Mr Carter, who as president oversaw the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, is a prominent critic of the Israeli government. In 2008 he described Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip as “one of the greatest human-rights crimes on earth”.

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  1. Lousy governor in Georgia, even worst as President. His brother Billy of Billy Beef fame, was caught soliciting bribes from the muslim countries. If Carter loves muslims and palestinians so much, he should go live with them and leave his secret service detail in America.

    1. spell check not working. u can figure it out.

  2. Jimmy Carter the 2nd worst President that the US ever had never met a dictator or a terrorist group he didn’t like. How a man who professes to be a Christian can be so anti-Semitic is beyond my comprehension.

    1. I agree Big Frank, he’s the quintessential moral relativist, who has no problem pointing out all of the US’s “own evils”, while soft peddling the atrocities of the enemies of the US. He’s an idiot.

    2. Its the reason he is Christian that he speaks against Israel. He stands for what Jesus would be standing for. Do you actually think Jesus would go with this Zionist pigs? You have to be kidding me. Everything Israel is doing and how Israel came to be, is AGAINST the teachings of Christ. And any so called Christian who supports the Zionist terrorist state of Israel needs to go back and read the bible and study how Jesus lived. How he was against the “money changers” and whooped them and kicked them out of the temple. What is wrong with you people???? Does the world not care anymore about justice??? And Jimmy Carter cant be anti semitic if hes talking about Palestinians. They are people of the same land. You people have no heart for justice and truth. Only support what main stream wants you to support. Be a man of God Big Frank and stand against injustice when you see it.

      1. What a bunch of crap Enice, Carter is being sued because he invented details that do not stand up to scrutiny, the reason he invented stuff up, is because he has a “Jewish problem”, pure and simple. He’s a habitual liar, and that, more than anything else, besides feeling at home with dictators and thugs, says more about Jimmah, and his relationship with Jesus, than anything else.

        Your call of “justice” is just a euphemism for supporting the murder of more Jews. Somehow I just don’t see the Jew, Jesus, agreeing with you.

  3. Here’s a good article by Dershowitz about the disproportional focus on Israel

    How the Hard Left, By Focusing Only on Israel, Encouraged Arab Despotism https://t.co/8h578CT

  4. The truth will always prevail. Jimmy Carter is the one of US president with highest humanity and morale standards no doubt – Thanks i am looking for a copy myself.
    Majority of Americans now know what zionists are up to – they have lost taste of supporting zionists swines.

    1. Come on claire, why use the word “zionists” when we really know that you mean, jews? Let your inner anti-semite come out in the open, no need to hide it if you’re really proud of it, embrace it, belt it out and let your voice be heard and own up to your anti-semitism. Be proud that the nazis, marxists and muslims and other whack-jobs will all be nodding in approval of your words, you creep.

  5. Zionism and Judaism are totally separate, and the cry of anti-Semite is what the war criminals of Israel hide behind. Many of they’re sternest critics are Jewish some oppose the state of Israel on theological grounds* Nartura Kartei for example, others on purely political grounds e.g. Norman Finklestein.

    If anything can show the stark difference in Judaism and Zionism it would be Israel’s treatment of the Sephardic Jews by the almost exclusively Ashkenazim** State authorities, during its creation many wanted to exclude non-Ashkenazi Jews from settling.

    When someone criticises Zionism or Israel it does not make them Anti-Semitic or a Nazi sympathizer and to make such a claim in reality only makes you look less credible and less intelligent.

    *they were forbidden a homeland by Hashem/God, this prohibition has not been lifted.

    **European Jews descended from Converted Russo-Gothic peoples, at the time of Israel’s settling almost all French, German and Dutch holocaust survivors where Ashkenazim, American Jews are also mostly descended from European Ashkenazi Jews.

    1. Funny how it is, that those who are among Israel’s most fiercest critics and who regularly demonize the Jewish state, are in fact anti-Semites, comparing Israel to the Nazi regime etc.. I couldn’t care less how ‘Jewish’ Jews are, WWII proved that Jews needed a national home, Zionism just echoes ancient Jewish calls for a return to their homeland which is a pivotal point in Judaism. Those people, Jews or non-Jews who reject Jewish self determination are in fact acting on a classic anti-Semitic theme, knowingly or not, it’s still anti-Semitism.

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