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The Tundra Tabloids has stated earlier that it has serious doubts of Mohamed Elbaradei’s ascension to the top spot of the Egyptian presidency, this report serves to underline that doubt. KGS

ElBaradei’s Role Cast in Doubt


[…] Mr. ElBaradei’s appearance Sunday night in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square disappointed many activists, who felt he had failed to seize the moment to rally the crowd. Many protesters said they didn’t notice he was there or know that he had spoken. He hasn’t shown up to the square since, including for Tuesday’s “march of millions,” which drew hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to demand Mr. Mubarak’s ouster.

“The protestors out here in the square are strong and inspiring, and when ElBaradei came he seemed kind of weak next to them, not like someone who would make me follow them,” said Heba Sultan, a young democracy activist in Tahrir Square.

Mr. ElBaradei also hasn’t attended meetings of the shadow legislature’s steering committee—of which he is a member—so far this week, following his return to Cairo from abroad as demonstrations were already gaining speed. A spokesman for Mr. ElBaradei said he lives too far away from central Cairo and has been tired out by the last few days of demonstrations.

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  1. ElBaradei’s wll play the same role as Shapour Bakhtiar was the name of the interim leader in Iran, before Khomeini’s Islamic junta took power. Shapour Bakhtiar et all had to flee to Paris until agents of the Islamic Republic terminated him in 1991. The fate of all the other nice, secular, “civil society” types, who leaped aboard that revolutionary bandwagon, was likewise grim.

    So it will be in Egypt. ElBaradei will be there to beguile the West that a secular democracy is coming into being, till he has to flee to Austria, pursued even there by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. In full agreement. He’s a stooge for the MB. Interestingly enough, the average Egyptian has never really heard about him.

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