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If left to their own ways and means, this would probably have been a real person swinging. The Muslim Brotherhood seen smiling in the distance as they encourage the mobs, and don’t be fooled, though the media keeps denying it, the MB are busy stoking the fire. KGS

NOTE: They’re gearing up for the big million man (females noticeably not present) march in Cairo.

Mubarak hanged from lights at Cairo protest’s dawn

Emirates 24/7: An effigy depicting President Hosni Mubarak is seen hanging on a traffic light as Anti-government demonstrate in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian authorities battled to save President Hosni Mubarak’s regime with a series of concessions and promises to protesters, but realities on the streets of Cairo may be outrunning his capacity for change. (AP)

“I will stay here till I die,” said Osama Allam as the grey Cairo dawn lifts on the biggest day of anger yet against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, whose effigy hangs from nearby traffic lights.

Encircled by tanks and with troops filtering protesters streaming onto the square that has become the epicentre of a week of revolt, men, women and children brandish banners and cardboard signs demanding Mubarak go.

“Choose Mubarak regime or Egypt people,” read one sign in English as protesters nearby carry Mubarak’s mock coffin shoulder-high. Elsewhere on the square people chant slogans against Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne.

“We just want to be able to speak and to be heard. We want freedom and democracy,” said lawyer Allam, with Cairo and Alexandria braced for ‘marches of a million’ despite the authorities shutting roads and stopping trains.

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  1. For all the crimes he has clearly committed , hanging is almost not enough. I have watched Egypt for 10 days , and in my opinion the protesters will get what they want as soon as they use the same methods as their dictator. Or they could just pack up and go home , then deal with an arrest by the secret police later….and we all know if they take the country its only a matter of time before Israel starts problems, seems to be what they are best at.

    1. And you think that the Muslim Brotherhood will be a kinder and gentler dictatorship? The only problems on the Israel, Egyptian border are Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood jihadis) smuggling into the Gaza Strip. If the Egyptians resort to aiding and abetting the jihadis, then yes, there will be problems.

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