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Why any Finn would want to shell out their hard earned money (what’s left over after the statist government’s draconian tax code is done with their paychecks) for an over rated hack newspaper like the Helsingin Sanomat, is beyond me. It’s a paper that traditionally takes the intellectually lazy, easy way out, by looking to the British Left-wing newspaper The Guardian and the equally Left-wing BBC for their talking points on any given  happening in the foreign news.

It’s hilarious really. Take for an example today’s editorial dealing with the situation in Egypt. Look at how the editorial deals with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood’s Islamism means that its aim is a state based on a conservative interpretation of Islam. The Brotherhood has pledged to maintain the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, but its attitude towards Israel and the United States is sharply negative.

In the 2005 elections, the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded so well that it was expected then, that in a fully free election the possibility of being a majority in Parliament. Support of the organization in Egypt’s changed climate is not known. If a country wants democracy, it must take the example of ElBaradei: he accepts the Brotherhood into the democracy movement, because the organization complies with the common rules of the game.

In what universe do they inhabit? This is not an exercise in real democracy, there is no civil society in action here, this is (an almost exclusively male) mob rule with a bunch of Islamic supremacists quietly waiting in the wings to act once the dust settles. I doubt very seriously that the editorial board at the Helsingin Sanomat understands what real ”democracy” (in contrast to republicanism) means.

The Egyptian revolution is closer to that of the French version, and has absolutely nothing in common with the American Rebellion, the uprising against the British that gave birth to the United States of America.

All of this is completely lost on the folks at the Helsingin Sanomat, who are now officially for the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood into the political process in Egypt, and no doubt, are of the exact same opinion concerning the Hamas in Gaza. In their simpleton logic, the mere fact that these fundamuslims/supremacists have a following, automatically gives them legitimacy to participate in elections and ‘civil’ government.

Great, that same kind of thinking was tried in Europe in the 30’s and how did the people of the region, and the world at large, benefit from that? What a bunch of buffoons. KGS

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  1. The people want Islam, more Islam, and more Islam. Thus you have the MB. This is true of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. The people want Islam to be closer to their Allah. MB is all Islam so that is the end. It’s clear to me. Our elite are not in denial, they are idiots.

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