''Arab Spring'' Egypt


As thousands still keep flooding in. KGS

Egypt braces for ‘march of millions’ as Mubarak cuts communications

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — Protesters packed Cairo’s Tahrir Square at mid-day Tuesday, standing shoulder-to-shoulder as large groups still streamed into area for the planned “march of millions.”

Soldiers stood guard and helicopters hovered overhead as demonstrators gathered to demand President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.

Egypt’s government posted troops at key locations and cut internet service as activists pledged to hold major demonstrations in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities Tuesday — a week after rallies began calling for an end to Mubarak’s nearly 30-year rule.

In Cairo, protesters set up their own checkpoints to keep weapons out of Tahrir — or Liberation — Square.


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  1. …And now King Abdullah of Jordan has sacked his prime minister and dissolved parliament in response to demonstrations. Increasing instability in the region–who knows how many regimes will see shifts to Islamic leadership? If the Islamic nations go totally Islamic, all young demonstrators will find themselves not better off, but starving.

    1. Hi Chana,

      As of today, the sacking of the parliament by the king hasn’t done any good, the fundamuslims are now demanding a continuing of the protests.

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