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But you see, kidnapping children in order to gain something from the parent(s) is not uncommon within the ROP.

Terrorists threatened to kill my baby unless I became a Black Widow: Young mother on how she was groomed to be a Russian suicide bomber

Last updated at 4:31 PM on 31st January 2011

A 24 year-old woman who was being groomed as a ‘Black Widow’ suicide bomber in Moscow has revealed the barbarity behind the terrorist cell which unleashed last week’s airport bomb in the Russian capital, it was claimed yesterday. Before fleeing the extremist Islamic gang, Zeinat Suyunova was being schooled for the airport bombing, or a planned attack on a shopping centre almost underneath the Kremlin, say investigators.

Now being debriefed by Russian intelligence, she is giving crucial information on preparations for the deadly attack under the radar of the secret services, claimed a Russian media report yesterday. The mother of one told how she discovered to her shock that her devout Moslem husband – the father of her baby daughter who she met when she studied at a respected medical academy in southern Russia – was involved in perpetrating a terrorist atrocity.

Soon afterwards she was kidnapped, her daughter taken from her. She was told the child would be killed unless she became a bomber to avenge her husband’s capture by the Russian secret services. ‘They threatened to kill my daughter if I did not agree to go to Moscow and help with explosions,’ she told investigators.

‘They kept threatening, on and on, and in the end I agreed.’

She said: ‘I did not have a choice. My daughter was kidnapped by these people. I was told that either I go and do the explosion, or my daughter will be killed.’ In Moscow, she was kept in a hotel with another young woman named Aminat as they were trained for explosions at Domodedovo airport, and an underground shopping centre close to Red Square.

However, Aminat – believed to be the wife of an extremist leader in strife-torn Dagestan – was killed accidentally detonating a belt packed with explosives. Another version says she died when a spam text message on her mobile set off the explosive device on 31 December. Suyunova then claims she fled to the south of Russia where she later gave herself up, and is now back in Moscow assisting the FSB secret services.

The terrorists went ahead with the airport plan, killing 35 people, but did not carry out the shopping centre attack. It is unknown if she has been re-united with her baby. Experts said that the bomb – which targeted foreigners arriving at the Moscow airport killing one Briton – had a sophisticated device allowing it to be detonated either by the man carrying it, or remotely.

Source: Daily Mail

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