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This sign is surely bound to raise a lot of debate about mass immigration, exactly what it was designed to do. KGS

Campaign Posters For True Finns Candidate Falsely warn of Mosque Construction

Helsinki, passers-by have been drawn attention to construction site signs, who claim that the building site is for a mosque. In reality, it is not for Mosque.

For example, Niittaajankatu 12 on the banks of Herttoniemim Skanska is building residential apartments, even though a sign on the construction site state its a Herttoniemi mosque. Signs have appeared over the weekend in different parts of Helsinki. HS’s data suggests that similar signs have been erected, at least in Kamppi and Lauttasaari.

Panels are erected without asked permission of the landowner.

Signs look legitimate site from the table, as they include the architects’ office and name of electrical contractor. For example, the mosque’s architect names LCC Engineering Ltd.. The client’s name is in Arabic text.

The construction site promises more information on the internet at, which takes you to the election page of parliamentary election candidate, masters in engineering, Juhani Mönkkösen, 30. Mönkkönen, says that immigration can not be undone, therefore the consequences have to thought of in advance.

The site also includes the Helsinki metro map, which stops the names are written in Arabic. In the same style, a placard that appears on apartment building stairwells has the names of ”Korhonen and Johansson”, however, the names are in Arabic. The name placards have been made into posters have been disseminated, at least in Vuosaari, including to the outside doors of apartment buildings.

Mönkkönen is a candidate for Helsinki.



“This is required to stimulate a debate, if decisions are to be made on immigration, it will change society forever. I have nothing against the Islamic religion. I just want to stimulate debate on what is good for Finns,” says Mönkkönen by telephone.

Mönkkönen would not directly say he’s responsible for the signs of his campaign, although he is aware of them.

More here in Finnish

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids will cut Juhani Mönkkönen some slack, for now, concerning his statement that he has nothing against the Islamic religion. There is of course everything wrong with that destructive ideology, and that it has no place within our society, as is. But first things first.

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  1. I think this is a good way of showing people how the country changes if we let it go out of hand. People won’t be able to recognize their country anymore.
    BTW Kgs, I just saw that this site has 44 visitors from different countries, good job!

      1. Didn’t see your post. I will sent you an email

  2. Good old Finnland…They had balls in 1940/41/42 against the Russians and the
    Nazis…and it looks like they’ve found them again….
    This might prove to be a bigger test for all of us.

  3. Hello,

    Writing from Finland:

    Actually, this sign says, freely translated:

    This site is built Herttoniemi Mosque.
    Contractor: (some arabic writing)
    Architect: A Design Associates
    Structural Engineering: Engineering Ltd. LLC.
    Main contractor: Peninsula Building Boys Ltd
    Electrical Contractors: Finland Oy Ab Elektri
    HVAC Contractors: Plumbing Ky Lem

    More information:

    Sign is not warning in any way, if it causes fear that someday there might be mosque in your neighborhood then it is in peoples mind.

    (in Finland we have compulsory Swedish language and only 4% swish speaking, foreign language, specially Arabic is increasing and actually also this minority is demanding more foreign language services).

    This will be big question in next election as major political parties are not willing to change it.

    People fear also that more rights and public service to foreign will cut resources for regular Finns.

    Finnish is very rare an unusual language, only about 6 million people speaks it in the world.

    I think that the fear that this causes in peoples mind is the biggies issue, and how they react. in 1990 there were 200 Somalian people in Helsinki are, now 2011 we have 20 000 (total is 500 000 people). In some schools nearly 50% of the children can be foreign and many of them can’t even speak Finnish properly

  4. This is total bullshit i know because ive lived in itä helsinki (east helsinki) where there are a big amount of Muslims and also perus suomalaiset , I have been in finland for about 11years and ive lived in england as well. I can say that the people who i hang out with are ither finnish finnishsweed or high class foreigner I for one am a british citizen from all the years ive lived here i have been exstreamly nice to finnish people and have a lot of respect for them and outraged that true finns are called true finns because they are the absolute opisit of true finns. Real finnish people have allways been open to a new things help full. But in finland there are a lot of racist who worship this timo soini who i have nothing against but who is giving a bad reputation for finland abroad. Witch is why im say that muslims have to just fit in to the finnish lifestyle and learn that we have helped them and adapt to the finnish costoms and systems. If you dont behave then they should not be here if they respect, then i dont give a flying fuck
    Perus suomalaiset your not makeing it easyer for them to come here from eg. somalia
    Ofcorse there going to hate finnish people if your say that muslim people dont have sols!
    Please be kind and they will be kind back i guaranty it!

  5. Campaigning with falsehood. This is the true Crusader style…

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