''Arab Spring'' Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Anti-Israel Protests Egypt


Can’t be any more clear than that. Allowing these nut-jobs who are presently loose on the streets of Egypt to get ‘their favored party’ (read=Muslim Brotherhood) into government would be an act of lunacy for the region. KGS

“Because we know, if Hosni Mubarak fell, we are, the whole people in Egypt, we’re gonna be free, we’re gonna be free. If the people are free in Egypt, we’re gonna go free (unclear) we’re gonna go free Palestine, we’re gonna destroy Israel!”

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  1. They have a major problem with their economy and they want to start a war with Israel. How stupid can you be?

    1. Rational thinking is in very short supply in that part of the world. His thinking can be classified as indeed Islamic thinking, through and through.

      1. You’re right, but I tend to think that they will never be able to think rationally. They tend to be irrational, hateful and murderous by nature. It’s in their DNA. They think ideological in a conflict, that’s why they will never be able to win in the end.

        1. It doesn’t have anything at all to do with DNA – it is the belief system of Islam that is the problem.

          1. Actually, it is being proven that it has quite a lot to do with DNA, as they are all inter related as a result of marrying their own cousins for centuries.

          2. I didn’t mean the actual DNA, Billy. What I’m saying is that this is going on for such a long period that there is no simple way to fix it.

    2. It’s islam. It dumbs people down. Ever notice the rarity in which you see a Christian/Atheist/Jew/Shintoist/etc… blow himself up?

      1. You’re right Kal. Islam retards any society that comes into contact with it.

  2. Whether they would actually start a war or not, they WILL ally with other groups to attack Israel.

    These numbers are shocking!

    Muslim views in Egypt 2010:

    Favorable view of Hamas 49%
    Favorable view of Hezbollah 30%
    Favorable view of al-Qaeda 20%
    Favorable view of bin Laden 19%

    48% of Muslims say Islam plays a large role in Egypt’s political life and 49% say it plays only a small role.

    In Egypt majorities of Muslims who say Islam is playing a large role in politics see this as a good thing, while majorities of those who say Islam is playing only a small role say this is bad for their country.

    In Egypt 85% consider Islamic influence over political life to be a positive thing for their country.

    Many Muslims see a struggle between those who want to modernize their country and Islamic fundamentalists. Only in Jordan and Egypt do majorities say there is no such struggle in their countries (72% and 61%, respectively).

    In Egypt 59% of Muslims who see a struggle in their countries say they identify with Islamic fundamentalists.

    Muslims in Egypt say they would favor making each of the following the law in their countries:
    stoning people who commit adultery, (82%)
    whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery (77%)
    the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion. (84%)

    54% of Muslims in Egypt support making gender segregation the law in their country.

    59% of Muslims in Egypt say democracy is preferable to any other kind of government.

    20% of Muslims in Egypt offer support for suicide bombing in defense of Islam. 46% of Muslims in Egypt reject suicide bombings.

    In Egypt 61% are at least somewhat concerned about Islamic extremism in their country.


  3. Well, the Jews have whipped their ass before…hopefully if it comes to that, they’ll do it again.
    One thing to remember. Egypt is STILL a Muslim country, and from what I’ve learned in the last year or so, (mostly from websites like this one) is that they can’t be TRUE Muslims if they don’t follow ALL the bullshit in the Koran.
    They can’t stand the Jews.
    That is truly frightening.

  4. If you have a muslim country, it really does not matter what the people do or try to do. It is always doomed to failure. Their problem is Islam and Islam can only produce failure.
    So what every leader, ruler or elite they think to improve with will just fail, as they have continually done so for 1400 years.
    The appeasers and enablers of Islam must hate prosperity. Because Islam has never produced it and never will. Muslim nations will Always be at unrest.

    Islamic society is structurally flawed. It has a tendency to head towards Islam.

    The dictators who run these societies understand this tendency. They use whatever means they can to keep the Islamists at bay. The only successful methods include repression

  5. Another war with Israel is immenent if the moslem brotherhood takes control of egypt. They might say they’re for democracy, but the islamist track record has shown us otherwise, time and time again. Let’s face it, with the current state of affairs, including tunisia and jordan, we’re headed for an atrocious calamity in the middle east. They unite under the banner of islam and look for guidance from their koran, against the ‘great satans’, namely Israel and the United States.
    In the words of Briton William Gladstone : “As long as there’s this book (the koran), the world will never know peace.”

  6. Even Turkey is rattled now that its new romantic association with Iran, it’s Frankenstein’s monster, is starting to get out of control. This is no longer 1967 – the stakes and weapons are orders of magnitude higher, and if Israel is faced with life or death whole nations will be leveled but it won’t be Israel.

  7. Isn’t that the same “rage boy” that has been seen in most all the other protests recently? I could swear he is the same guy yelling “death to Israel” during the cartoon riots and several others…

    1. Hi Dave,

      When it comes to fundamuslims and their inner mohamed, they all look and act alike.

  8. Muslims interpret Islam too many different way. There is no single interpretation.This is the problem. Some people think that women must be covered and criminal must be punished without trial and inhumane way and country must have more mosque than any buildings.
    These are all against civilization and there is no way any nation can see prosperity following Islam. Matter of fact, religion should be solely personal to find God by practicing in the house and should not bring to outside in the society and politics.

    1. Sadly Paul, all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence sides with the Taliban’s and al-Qaida’s understanding of Islam, just like the founder of Islam designed it.

  9. They done seem to know their history very good. At the end of the 1973 War Israel had the Egyptian Army encircled, was on both sides of the Suez Canal, and were moving towards Cairo. The Israel Army also was shelling Damascus will their mobile guns. I ‘ve heard that the Muslim never forget I guess that they do. I don’t think this time Israel will hold back and not use Nukes. We are going to get a replay of 1948, 1954,1967, and 1973 again.

  10. hmmm, another problem with it, why do all muslim say “Kill!” or “death!” or wat ever bad things. Actually, When it comes to war, for me israel always win the war, I never heard israel lose in a war, so, What’s the problem Egypt muslim? Instead of Spreading they say Peace.. Hatred is wat they do, war, Killing.. There is no problem with following there Holy Book, but, they must actually know wat is right and wat is wrong.. is it right to hate? is it right to kill? well, Not all muslims are war freak and lust for Blood.. Good Luck Israel Hater, hehe, You dont know who’s your dealing with

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