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To be placed within both categories of ”Whining Muslim” and “No Fun in Islam”.KGS

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NOTE: The municipality ended up apologizing profusely instead of just saying, “next please”. Also, by default, the Muslim should be watched like a hawk if he’s offended by a puppet making fun of terrorists.

Muslim received joke video clip from social secretary – denied financial restitution”

BORÅS today 07:35 | Updated today 07:42

Bt.Se: (Google trans) The e-mail from the social worker with a link to a movie making fun of Islam. The man who received the e-mail is a Muslim and was very upset. But Borås city would not give him damages.

The e-mail from the social worker provided a link to a YouTube clip of an American stand-up comedian and ventriloquist, inter alia, making jokes about Islam. The message was sent to eight different people with nothing but a link.

One of the recipients was a man who is a client of the social worker and dependent on her for financial assistance. He was very upset.

When he contacted the social worker asked her to apologize and was explained that the email was meant for her friends and acquaintances – the man’s email address had been included by mistake.

– It is unacceptable that a person located in the municipality and send this kind of work, “says the man.

He believes that it is particularly serious because he knows that the social worker in his work is with many Muslims.

It damages the trust in the municipality, he thinks:

– It’s easy to believe that there is something under the surface, in her heart that she was prejudiced against Muslims.

A few days later he received a written apology, in which a manager within the social type that has “taken the incident very seriously” and that the conduct “contrary to Borås town values.”

The social worker also received a written warning by his employer.

The man also asked for a substantial damages from the city of Borås, citing that he felt humiliated at having received such an email from his social secretary.

– It’s not about money, “says the man and explains that he wants the damages to have a deterrent effect.

– If you drive through a red light is not enough to apologize, you may also fine as a deterrent so that you can not do it again.

But Boras city has now rejected his request for damages.

– The official who sent the e-mail has acted in a very inappropriate way, there’s no doubt about it. But I can not see that the violation is so serious that there is no basis for damages, “said Rosangela Hansen, town lawyer in the city of Borås.

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  1. the puppet makes fun of terrorists not Islam!!! Is she saying that they are on in the same?

  2. Birth of a grievance that shall be handed down for generations.

    1. Hi Bl@kbird, well said. We should really mount an offensive of grievances against the ROP’ers, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  3. ‘It’s not about money, “says the man and explains that he wants the damages to have a deterrent effect.’

    “deterrent effect” = censorship

    1. It’s all about their stupid sensibilities being offended, non-Muslims are not allowed to any such thing according to Islamic dictates. Muslims are a skinless people living in a world of sandpaper.

  4. LOL!! Someone (particularly the town) should point out to him that the character is a dead TERRORIST, not a dead MUSLIM ….. so, apparently, he’s saying that HE IS A TERRORIST???? LOL!!!! Idiot!

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