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Predictably, parents are upset.

The Marxist/Socialist la la land of Sweden. The ones responsible are sick I tell you, Sick. The Tundra Tabloids extends its condolences to its Swedish friends and acquaintances for what they have to endure. KGS

Frank Kitman captured the trailer vid with translations.

“What makes you horny goes on the map” – Ad for Internationalist Swedish Sex -educational film

Swedish sex-ed film reported to police over teen sex scenes

THE LOCAL: Animated sex scenes featuring Swedish teens in a new sex education film has led to the film being reported to the police for violating laws against endangering the moral upbringing of young people. The film, “Sex on the map” (Sex på kartan), was co-produced by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) and the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR) and broadcast last week on Sveriges Television (SVT).

The 30-minute film is the first sex ed film produced for Swedish schools for 25 years. While animated, many of the film’s drawings are nevertheless quite detailed. The film also includes scenes featuring teenagers engaging in sexual activity with one another. Following the film’s broadcast on SVT, an individual from Umeå in northern Sweden reported the public broadcaster to the police.


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  1. This is just sick! No wonder parents are upset. You’re right KGS, the people responsible for this video are mentally ill!

  2. Maybe one of the persons who produced this “high quality educational film” might like to enlighten us on what significant social issues and problems were identified that led to this “high quality educational film”being produced.

    What pilot studies were done surveying the attitudes toward this “high quality educational film” of a representative sample of Swedish citizens – many of whom could be parents of children who will view this material.,

    If I were a parent I would be very annoyed by this take over of my rights as a responsible parent to educate my children.

    Seems to me Sweden is really in the gutter – how much worse can it get.

  3. I 95% agree with T.T. but this time it’s you whining and being offended by a cartoon! I know at least you won’t be rioting and making death threats, but get over it, its an educational cartoon, offensive to some, but, ah… isn’t that what grown ups and/or non-muslims need to be able to just deal with? Now if it showed Mohammad having sex with his 9 year old “wife” that would be sick. And you’d be killed for it. We are better then them, lets not emulate the intolerant barbarians. 93 93/93

    1. Hi Adrian, if we weren’t talking about school children and the detrimental influence these whack-job socialists have over them, then I would be in full agreement with you. Teens and (even younger) are being bombarded with material that shouldn’t have to deal at such an early age. It’s my position then that you are mixing apples with oranges here. I’m for the protection of children from abusive adults, the worst being those who are acting with “good intentions”.

  4. Sorry, what is wrong with this? Leave it to the american right wing moral majority to have a spastic fit about this. Before you judge this cartoon you might want to look up some information about the history of sex education in countries OTHER than the US where it’s not some kind of crime against humanity to teach kids REAL sex education and not some sanitized, watered down moraly right wing christian correct view of sex ed that pretty much ammounts to “Dont do it till your 25″ Lame. You people are idiots. BTW the only reason someone NOW would complain about this from the Scandinavian countries is because since the US found out about how liberal and open minded and realistic these countries were about their sex ed, they basicly told them…” NO NO NO…you want to still be friends with the good ole US and trade with us and not have us brand your whole country a den of perversion you need to get on the US right wing chuch controled moral bullshit bandwagon…naughty naughty scandinavians”

    BTW WTF does this have to do with Islamic Extremism? LOL

    1. Hey davidson, the reason I report on this is stuff is because it goes to the mentality of the leftist nut-jobs that have run the Swedish state for decades. No this is not ‘normal’ sex education, this is indoctrination, by the radical Left. This is about the state dictating how children will be instructed about sex (indoctrinated) that goes against the expressed will and desires of the parents.

      You would no doubt be objecting to full religious teaching on sex in public schools, as you should, why is it different when secular talibanis do the same? Nope, Sweden is a total basket case after decades of Marxism, and it shows in their policies, in every sector of their society. Radical marxists/feminists and a host of others have inflicted untold damage to their young. I come across this stuff all the time. Gender roles revered and all kinds of tomfoolery and the like.

  5. I’m just glad that normal, frequently occurring things in life like sex ed make you unhappy.

    1. Then you completely misunderstand the issue or couldn’t care less over the manipulation of children.

      1. I just don’t happen to share your kooky, backwards sense of morality. I am, however, glad you are unhappy.

        1. and what kooky backwards sense of morality are you referring to?

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