Apparently Vlad got a hat tip from Snaphanen in Denmark,


Snaphanen: At midnightnew brawl flared in Rosengard. Passers cars were shot at with rockets. A vehicle was set on fire. – You can no longer dismiss it as juvenile antics, “said Skåne police informer Calle Persson. – There are grown men behind the attack. Most of the men are in the 25-30s. None of them are younger than 17 years.

No one was injured in the night’s disturbances in the neighborhoods around Ramels road and Admiral Way.

But it was heavy bangs and rockets raining in all directions. Several cars were almost hit, “said Evening Post photographer Oscar Persson, who was there before the cops got there. It was chaotic, people had to flee into the port-ups and to cross streets. There is reason to look seriously at these repeated attacks by the police as a target. Nya brawl has broken out in the rose garden uneasily Rosengard last night, Police Station in Rosengard of arson attacks. Fotos: New unrest Rosengard on the night. Malmø – intensive war.

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  1. Don’t worry the police won’t do anything about it. After all it’s racist to stop muslims doing anything wrong or to even suggest they might be. Muslims are saints and just misunderstood.
    Sadly the police are what those who worked with the nazis during the war – collaboraters and traitors to their own country and people. I wonder just how many of them are fed up with these muslim pigs too?

  2. And still there is no outrage. Just a normal Swedish night, as the no-go areas relentlessly expand.

    Europe, HELLO??? If you can’t marshal any strength, if you won’t lift a finger against the jihad being waged against you, you are surely soon to join the ranks of the Third World.

    1. Dallas that is exactly what’s going to happen without a major turnaround. Many are waking up, we can only hope that it’s not too late.

    2. Oh we try,
      but even a little friendly irony – like jodelling in tune to the call to pray – gets you 1000$ dollar fines in this part of the world,
      while a koran-quoting kufir is arrested!

      Lots of outrage – immediately suppressed by the newspapers – or (in the case or ESW/Vienna/Austria) actually reported to the police as a criminal act – by the newspaper reporter!

      We have not given up yet, however the only real hope that Europe still has is via the feminist movement.

      Claims of gender-apartheid are non-religious and non-racial.

      So to all European women, start preparing to complain about every misogynistic statement and be willing to sue for defamation of gender!

      1. But don’t feminists like Islam? One never sees them standing up and complaining.

  3. Swedes get rid of the Muslims before they conquer you.

    Learn from history. The Islamic conquests, assaults and massacres on nonMuslims have continued unabated since the time of Muhammad. The only time there has been a lull was when they were weak.

    Remember the Muslim conquests of Palestine, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, till they were stopped South of Paris at the Battle of Tours by Charlemagne’s Grandfather Charles the Hammer. Remember the Muslim conquests of Syria, Turkey, Constantinople, Greece, the Balkans. till they were stopped at the Gates of Vienna by the Polish King.

    Islam has only one goal the conquest and enslavement of the world and the establishment of their barbaric laws. We must fight back.

  4. The Swedes just voted in so-called “right wing” politicians. What are they going to do about Muslim rioters?

    The first thing they should do is repeal the stupid “human rights” laws that gag people from even complaining about Muslim gangs.

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I believe that the Sweden Democrats, once their numbers increase they will in fact exact change in the laws that will reverse the current course. These human rights laws are designed to intimidate the populace into not confronting state policies, the people are beginning to wake up to that reality.

  5. Gotta love the muslims for their civilized behavior. How much longer do the Swedes have to put up with this trash before they call the army in?

    Send in the tanks, kill those violent idiots and deport the rest of the muslims. Muslims are nothing but fifth columnist filth. If muslims are not in Arabia, they’re parasites, period. Islam came from Arabia and spread across the Levant and parts of Europe. It’s time to send the muslims back – either to Arabia or to “allah”, I’m fine with either way.

  6. Why are these Muslims behaving this way? Is it because they’re in a society where the straitjacket of their culture has been removed and they’re dull, inbred and incapable of integrating socially? Or, are they told to do it by their political leaders? This must be with the sanction of their imams, no?

  7. I’ve finally understood why Muslims don’t eat pork.

    They see it as cannibalism.

  8. Time our governments grew some balls and stood up to islam, it’s not a religion so you don’t have to be too pc with them. It’s a political ideology with plans to dominate the world, if politicians aren’t aware of this then they shouldn’t be politicians !! Time for the rise of Nationalist parties who put their countries first.

    1. Thanks Sue, the moment governments stand up to Islam, Islamic countries and start deporting troublemakers and protecting our hard earned rights, the sooner we will be putting the problem behind us.

  9. Islam and democracy can never co-exist, they don’t believe in free speech. Muslims should live in muslim countries as they don’t integrate when they move to other countries, it’s us and them !!

  10. European women moaning will get you nowhere. They gotta make more children, raising them according to western culture and make them take on any kinda job. Muslims are gonna take over Europe through kids, not weapons.

  11. As a former soldier in the U.S. Army for 11 years (3 in Field Artillery) I have to say the tape looks more like military rockets than fireworks. Look at videos on Sounds more like an M-1 tank direct firing a high explosive round into a house-I’ve never seen “fireworks” in America like that

  12. We lived in Malmo in the 1970s. It was wonderful. 30 years on, we decided to go back and live there. 10 months later, we packed our bags and returned to our beloved Australia. Malmo looks like somewhere in the Middle East. It’s dirty. It’s gone downhill. Horrible. But we have a problem here with our pathetic Labor government that can’t control the influx of ‘asylum seekers’ which are coming in unabated. I pray to God Australia doesn’t go the same way as Europe. Over 100 boats arrived in 2010.
    They (the AS) get treated like royalty while we struggle to pay our electricity bills.
    Wish John Howard was still in control.

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