Muslim persecution of Christians Pakistan



Christian women attacked, publicly humiliated in Lahore based on false blasphemy accusations

by Jibran Khan

Victims are now in a safe place because of the danger of more violence. A mob of angry Muslims beat and humiliated the two women, who are mother and daughter. The incident was triggered by a domestic dispute between them and the Muslim wife of their son and brother. A Pakistani priest says that unless there is separation between state and religion, Pakistan will slide into civil war.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Two Christian women, mother and daughter, who recently suffered violence and humiliation, are now in a safe place. An angry mob turned against them in Lahore, beating them, after they were accused of blasphemy. The incident began with a dispute between the two and a Muslim woman, who is married to their son and brother, over the religious education of the mixed couple’s daughter. Mgr Rufin Anthony reacted to the fact, slamming Pakistani society’s increasing intolerance, a sociological problem it must deal with the utmost urgency.

Speaking from their hideout, John Chand, son and brother of the victims, told AsiaNews that the two women “are afraid of being attacked by extremists” and are hiding to avoid being killed.

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  1. Why aren’t these men at work? What kind of jobs do they have that permit them to bolt out the door to demonstrate at the rumor of some infraction by a dhimmi? If they’re not working, where do they get the money to eat, etc.
    No wonder the Muslim countries can’t make any economic advances.

  2. what is happening in Pakistan is so sad. But then again what can you expect when a state is created solely with the idea of being an Islamic paradise. You’d expect that at least half of those who migrated from India are bigots who want power in a state like where previously they didn’t have any authority or are idiots. After, the death Taseer, surely its curtains now for democracy in Pak….

    1. Exactly Raj, utopia! The Islamic paradise that is mythical as their heavenly bordello. They will become a basket case state that will need to be held under tight thumbscrews. Too bad they have the nukes.

  3. I wonder if they’re bright enough to figure out how to use those nukes?
    By the looks on these mutts faces one has to wonder.
    Maybe they’ll miss-fire and…..???

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