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NOTE: Comment at Vlad Tepes blog: [I find it incredible that Tamil Tigers can protest and close off Ottawa streets for how many days, and the RCMP do nothing, but, because of a couple of envelopes, they cancel the movie BEFORE 5 PM – the movie wasn’t even to start until 7 PM. Something smells especially considering James Moore Conservative MP had to intervene to prevent the movie from being shut down YESTERDAY because of concern of violent protesters.]

The Tundra Tabloids reported yesterday about the Iranian embassy’s attempt to cancel the screening of the movie Iranium, by the film company the Clarion Group, who also produced the movies Obsession and the Third Jihad.

Vlad now informs the Tundra Tabloids of the closing of the entire National Archives last night, due to protests and circumstances that appear to have been related to a bomb threat, though authorities have kept silent over the real reasons for the closing. Vlad sent the TT the following post and pictures and video that he took last night with his Blackberry, of the entrance to the building and in the immediate vicinity. All hell as broke loose in Ottowa. KGS

UPDATE: Christine Brim has more on this here at Breitbart’s Big Peace.

UPDATE II: Clare Lopez has her say here: ‘Iranium’ Screening Shut Down in Ottawa

VLAD: I will try and give the best account I can but this story is still developing.

Fred Litwin, founder and director of The Free Thinking Film Society which has done more to raise awareness of the dangers of Islam and leftism in the west than probably any other public body in Ottawa, had scheduled the movie, ‘Iranium’ tonight to be shown at the National Archives Theatre.

Yesterday, there was a call in the mid afternoon, about 28 hours before the film was to be shown, from the National Archives saying that they had received a complaint and that the film could not be shown and was going to be shut down. We subsequently learned that this complaint was from the Embassy of Iran.

After some phone calls, Fred managed to get the film back on track. Today, I had the privilege of interviewing Clare Lopez, the scheduled speaker for this event as well as David B Harris of INSIGNIS and then went home to prepare for the film just to get a call that there was protest outside the Archives, remember this building is a Canadian Government institution, not just a private theatre, and that not only was the event cancelled, but the entire building was shut down. Employees sent home, and the building locked up.

By the time I left the building there were 3 police cars, 2 fire trucks and an ambulance.

There is much much more. I will post as able. Its a frantic evening. This is serious. Canada’s sovereignty, such as it is, becomes more visibly in question. The threat that caused all this is not clear but I was reliably informed, that there were many serious and high level meetings about whatever caused them to decide to shut down the building and cancel the event and that these meetings went on all afternoon. Draw your own conclusions for now.

The trailer to the movie Iranium, thanks to Frank Kitman:

UPDATE: More pics sent to the TT from Vlad:

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  1. Sounds like a good documentary/ movie. A viable solution to the muslim problem is to export them if they don’t claim absolute citizenship with the coutnry they reside in. If they don’t want to be citizens of their host nation, send them back to Iran. This holds true for the Mexicans immigrants (legal or illegal) too.

    Support for the suppression of free speech should be a punishable offense. Round these protestors up and put them in a concentration camp or something. If they think Iran is so precious, then they shouldn’t be surprised if nations treated them like Iran would treat dissidents…

  2. I am a Canadian. I live in a great country and I love Canada.
    But our legal system is a farce of the first water!
    We are in a Twilight Zone when it comes to our laws and the Anal Sphincters who create and mandate them.
    We are the laughing stock of the world when it comes to our law.

  3. This is GREAT news!

    This documentary wasn’t going ANYWHERE until it was CENSORED. Now everybody will want to see it.

    As the news story of the censorship and the Canadian government’s REVERSAL gains traction, the documentary will be self-promoting.

    If the Iranians had been smart, they would have kept their mouths shut. This is like “The Passion”. Nobody would have watched it if nobody had complained and created controversy.

    I invite ALL Muslim and Muslim-sympathizers to loudly complain against this “racist” movie.

    Please! Complain about it. Shout it from the highest mountaintop!

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