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The following article was forwarded to the Tundra Tabloids by a TT reader who had it translated into English. The piece was published  last Friday (14.01.2011) in the Norwegian paper, Morgenbladet. The  article is actually a personal experience of Daniel Vatsvåg’s,  a student of psychology at the infamous NTNU university in Trondheim Norway.

A student tells of his futile attempt to engage in a rational dialogue with a woman concerning Israel, and who after only a couple of minutes couldn’t control herself because of her sanctimonious outrage. Think about it, this ‘modern day Norwegian female’ can’t even begin to fathom the absurdity of a Western female supporting Hamas.

This is exactly the issue that Melanie Phillips was explaining last week, that the level of debate is so absurd in many corners of society, that one can’t even hope to approach people like this with rational, reasoned debate. It’s anti-Israel deranged syndrome (AIDS). Through a careful manipulation of the facts and distortions of the truth, academia has corrupted the issues surrounding the Arabs’ conflict with the Jewish state of Israel, ib both the media and political circles and in policy making think tanks.

They have lifted up and attributed grandiose qualities upon the Arabs that are not even human, while demonizing and delegitimizing the Jewish state, to the point that they too are not even human. Think about it, while many of these people clamor for the ‘just cause’ of a Palestinian state, also dare to question the legitimacy of the Jews’ right for self determination. The continuation of the state of Israel. Stunning. KGS

Anti-Semitism in Trondheim

It is a weekend in Trondheim. I am seated at a popular café, just before closing time, waiting for my friends who are retrieving their outdoor clothing. A lady arrives, asking if she can have a cigarette next to me, I respond with “Yes”. After some time she asks where I am from. I thought she were referring to my accent, and replied “Stavanger”; this was not the answer she wanted, though. She had noticed I did not look like an average Norwegian, wondering what my nationality was.

My mom is British; however, she is descended from an Israeli family, so I told this lady this was why I had somewhat darker features than average Norwegians.

After this, her mood changed, and she told me I should not share this sort of information with people. Somewhat shocked, I asked her whether this referred to my Israeli family. She quickly confirmed this, adding Israel and its people is everything that is wrong with this world, and that she, personally, is pro-Hamas. By now, the discussion is quite hot, and as I mention my pride in having a family in Israel, she strikes me in my face, saying she just have to get away from me. I felt an urge to follow, in order to have this explained; however, it ends up with her friends dragging her away, shouting abuse at me. I felt knocked out by this experience, and went home to go to bed.

Though I have never been embarrassed by, nor abstained from recognizing having a Jewish background, I must confess I have never been much informed on Israel, or the 60 years old conflict between them and the Palestinians. I realized this after the event I described above. Throughout this conversation, where she glorified Palestine, abusing Israel, I noted my wish to respond with something sensible, but had nothing to reply with.

Like most of the Norwegian population I do not possess enough information on this specific conflict. What I nevertheless have difficulties understanding is how what seems to be a large part of the Norwegian population chose to support Palestine in this conflict. As an example, look at the “Palestine scarf”. This garment has the meaning of supporting Palestine, and conveys the opinion they are suppressed by Israel. This garment, with it is strong message, was once used by Palestinians living in Norway, and persons of a very radical bent. Now, twelve year’s old girls wear them as a fashion statement, something that tells us something about the presentation of news from the West Bank we receive in Norway.

By wearing this scarf, you are expressing support for a country which in later years has been ruled by Hamas, regarded a terrorist organization by many countries. They shun no means in their struggle for justice; and have often employed suicide bombers against civilians. Israel, on their hand, is not ruled by a terrorist organization, but has been a well functioning democracy through 60 years. I do not mean to say Israel never has had responsibility for killing innocents, but I would like to know why Palestine receives this overwhelming support from people.

For instance, take the Israeli boarding of a ship bringing emergency aid to Gaza. Seen in hindsight, this whole affair looks like a media trap. The pro-Pal activists aboard have been quoted as stating their readiness to die as martyrs on this trip. Also, the ship was offered the opportunity to unload in an Israeli harbor, allowing the wares aboard to be freighted to Gaza, those aboard the ships refused to listen to this. They are also reported as having attacked the Israeli soldiers boarding the sip, and hid weapons on board.

Nor is it a fact that the supplies aboard were essential to all those starving in Gaza, as 120 truckloads enters every day via Israel, loaded with food, medicines and other humanitarian goods to the people of Gaza. Instead, it seemed these activists were aware of the reaction of the Israeli military and that they would be described as behaving badly against what seemed to be peaceful activists, even though the soldiers of any other country would have reacted similarly in this situation.

When people enters media traps like this, choosing to react in one way or another, innocents not identifying with actions of their government are becoming the victims. People boycotting Israel, often seen now a day, punishes those innocent people. Farmers in Israel can feel this, losing income because of socialists boycotting Jaffa oranges out from their political message. Israeli lovers of crime novels can notice this if Henning Mankell implements his plans to refuse his books to be translated to Hebrew.

Here in Trondheim, a recent proposal that would have had influence upon innocent Israeli academics was almost implemented. This proposal, which thankfully was not implemented, some 100 scientists at the NTNU were signatories to, ready to boycott Israel. This would be contrary to legislative principles on academic liberty.

The irrational acts of those associating the acts of the government of another country with innocent inhabitants were something I could feel this week end, as I was struck in my face.

The author is a student of psychology at the NTNU.

 No great loss, really.


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  1. Fortunately not all Nordics are like the Norwegian woman in the café. The battle for Israel and the Jews is a priority for many of us. We are not going to lose!

  2. Melanie Phillips is absolutely right, but her main focus is on Britain. I think a lot of people in Europe are either irrational or uninvolved. The speakers on universities in the Netherlands are often anti-Israel, pro-Hamas and sometimes plain wright antisemitic. The problem is that those people seem to be more involved compared to the pro-Israel people. I love that Phillips points out that actual facts are seen as propaganda, because that is what’s happening. People are seeing what they want to see and hearing what they want to hear. You can see it on several forums and websites, the statements some people make are absolutely absurd!

    I think spreading the truth is not only Israel’s duty, it is ours too!

  3. It happened to me too in a small town in the Netherlands. I wanted to see Van Gogh paintings in a museum and the security guard told me I smelled like I wasn’t from Holland.. I must be from Israel. I said I was from America, but that didn’t matter I was Jewish and so on.. He was from Jordan.. It was frightening, but I held my ground. I wanted to see the paintings, and I refused to be intimidated. But the audacity that people don’t think twice about doing this.
    I am visiting France, and then I think I am done with Europe as Europe is done with me.

    1. I will post this comment on the front page MG, thank you for opening up about this. We have to try and make a difference.

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