Egypt Muslim immolation


Overspill from Tunisia, the question is how well will the Egyptian government contain it? They have no problem in using brute force, so it’s less likely that this latest torching will result in a similar revolt. KGS

NOTE: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood seen readying cans of petrol?

Egyptian ‘sets fire to himself outside parliament’

BREITBART: A man set himself on fire outside parliament in Cairo on Monday, a parliament source said, in an apparent copycat replay of the self-immolation of a Tunisian graduate which sparked a popular revolt.
The man “stood outside the People’s Assembly, poured fuel on himself and set himself on fire,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

“A policeman who was close by managed to extinguish the fire and the man was quickly taken away by ambulance,” the source added.

The man has not been identified and his condition was not immediately known.

The incident comes after 26-year-old Tunisian graduate Mohammed Bouazizi torched himself in Tunisia when police prevented him from selling fruit and vegetables to make a living.

The case of Bouazizi, who would later die of his wounds, unleashed a wave of protests in Tunisia that would eventually topple the 23-year-old regime of President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

Egyptians have often voiced similar grievances to Tunisians. They have long complained of economic hardships and Cairo has regularly come under criticism for failing to lift an emergency law in place for three decades.

On Friday, dozens of Egyptians celebrated the ouster of the veteran president outside the Tunisian embassy in central Cairo.

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