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  1. And a Happy New Year to all Tundra Readers and especially to KGS for his tireless commitment to keeping us all up to date on the antics of the pc brigade, as well as on the destructive beliefs of all those who seek to tear down the fabric of western civilisation but who (alas) have absolutely nothing worthwhile to offer in its stead.

    1. Thanks Raymond, and thanks to you for your wonderful comments and h/t’s, may this year be the one of some serious pushback against Islam and their stooges we have grown to despise.

  2. A Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for all the hard work KGS. Let’s hope for some real change in 2011.

    1. Thanks Sophie, all the best to you and yours. Let this year be the one of immense push-back against Islam and their willful stooges.

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