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  1. I regret that the Counteryijad so important and which we have placed so much hope not realize that the Blog chosen for the month of June: The Jihad in Eurabia (La Yijad en Eurabia) is a blog in which 80% of articles are dedicated to denying the Shoah calling the Holocaust a fraud and extortion, calling Jews “Uncut” the Talmud a brochure of hatred etc. and all sorts of commentary devoted to cementing the hatred of the Jew more than the question of the Islamization of Europe.
    If you can not read Spanish Put at least one translator. This blog in your Calendar discredits all Counteryijad Movement.




    1. Augusto, I just had a talk with the ICLA administrator, and he said that it was his oversight, having been warned earlier about that site… and apologizes for it’s inclusion. thank you ever so much for bringing it to all of our attention.


  2. Perhaps the calendar’s been updated? My initial view indicates the month of June is represented by “Zonka på Dansk” not “La Yijad en Eurabia”.
    As for the effort to put this calendar together . . .Köszönöm szépen/thank you!

  3. Thanks KGS, must pay attention to the Trojan Horse. I went Eurabian News contributor until AMDG began to emerge as an increasingly anti-Semitic and created a new blog: The Jihad in Eurabia ( La Yijas en Eurabia) , where he could develop, as he himself said his ideas, without any kind of commitment. I had already created separate New Europe (Nueva Europa) by some insurmountable differences in that direction. I started from scratch, and almost thinking that New Europe would be short but growing number of readers hungry for news of Counteryijad and others, I have created an obligation to continue it so I can not leave even if takes me a lot time.
    I never tried these issues AMDG and colleagues published until now, because I see that AMDG has come so far, perhaps because Gates of Vienna has not heard of this new image, and AMDG continues to operate its former prominence in Eurabia News. I have sincerely hopes the Counteryijad and that the fight would not be weakened from within by a distraction as the back door of Byzantium.
    Greetings and I am in daily contact with you, posting your stories on my blog in Spanish … It is not going to name me Tundra Tabloids 😉

    1. Glad to have you aboard and doing such fine work. Please contact me at my gmail addresse.

  4. Wtd Thanks for the tip. I had also sent my message to the Liberties Alliance website. I’ll post the good news right now in my Blog. I am very happy!

    1. Hey Augusto, check the right side bar of the ICLA site for the RSS feed, you should be pleased. I pulled for you. 😉

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