Like I’ve been saying, security is the best reason for banning the burka. KGS

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Ottawa: Man wearing hijab robs bank. One more reason to ban the burqa.

by Claire Brownell, Ottawa Citizen

December 30, 2010

OTTAWA CITIZEN — A man used a Muslim woman’s religious garment as a disguise to rob a bank at the Pinecrest Mall on Thursday, police said.

Sgt. Mark Myers said the man, who wore a blue robe and a head scarf concealing his mouth and nose, passed a note demanding money to a bank teller at a Scotiabank branch around noon.

The teller handed over an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect then fled the bank, heading eastbound on foot, he said.

Myers said that since the summer, there have been a handful of other robberies in Ottawa involving male suspects using Muslim women’s religious garments as disguises. He was not immediately able to answer how many such robberies there have been or whether police suspect they have been committed by the same person.

The sergeant said police are confident the suspect is a man because at one point during the robbery, he spoke in a masculine voice.

The three or four customers in the bank at the time were uninjured. The bank remained closed for the rest of the day.

“We are thankful that our employees and our customers who were in the branch at the time are safe,” said Ann Derabbie, a Bank of Nova Scotia spokeswoman in Toronto. “We will be offering counselling support (to employees) should any of them need it.”

Police described the suspect as male with dark skin, dark eyes and bushy eyebrows, standing about five-foot-10 with a slim build. He was wearing what police described as a dark blue hijab with designs around the head and neck and a long, dark-blue robe. The suspect spoke English with a slight accent.

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  1. You know KGS…
    every bloody day it seems we are sinking deeper and deeper into the Twilight Zone!!

    1. I hear you Amboyduke, it can get very depressing at times. The only comfort I have is that there are people like you who realize the situation that’s going on and are not fooled. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There are many more of us and truth is on our side.

      1. Not much more to say. No like button, and i wanted to show my support of both kgs andamboyduke.

  2. This is not a reason to ban a religious garment. No religious garment should be banned unless it offends other religions somehow. Don’t give crap like “security reasons.” I’m not Muslim, but seriously, anyone can just go rob a bank with a blanket over their head. Should blankets then be banned too?

    1. Your logic fails. For a person to rob a bank with a blanket on his head he has to cut out a slot for his eyes, therefore it becomes a burka-like garment. Also, anyone walking around with a blanket on his head will attract more attention than a person wearing a burka. face the facts, burkas are a dehumanizing garment that presents a security risk, whether you think so or not.

      1. It’s a choice to wear the burka. It’s part of their religion. In America we have the freedom to practice whatever religion we choose.

        1. No, it’s not part of their religion as many muslim leaders themselves have testified.

          1. well not really, my friend is muslim and i agree but disagree kgs well on the “not part of the religion” its not a mandatory part of the religion nor is it recommended per say, the prophets wife wore the burka and some people wear it out of culture but in some places it such a big part of the culture they have added(for no reason really) it to the religion like in saudi arabia. although i disagree that it should be banned because it is their culture but some solution has to be found for such security reasons. it should be banned when ski masks are banned and if u think ski masks should be banned (with good reason) then burka should be banned for those reasons. i would like to ask u about ur opinion on hijab.

          2. Stores, banks and companies offering modes of transportation should reserve the right, and have it supported by law, of not serving people dressed like that. period. Case solved. Where the hijab is concerned, making it very clear that the wearing of it a political act, should keep them from bringing it into the schools. remember, Egypt once had the majority of its female population ”uncovered”, only with the rise of political islam did the covering become an issue.

  3. I agree, the government should ban all masks. It’s just too dangerous to let people walk around in the streets with their faces covered. It’s a ticking time bomb. We also need to make sure they don’t sell ski masks or bandanas either. We should probably also get rid of those glasses with fake nose and moustache attached. But actually since non-muslim people wear that stuff too, it’s probably easier just to ban the burka or whatever. Hopefully that will be enough to stop the next would-be bankrobber.

  4. This is completle unrelated. Just because you racists think it’s okay to ban other people’s religious things dosent mean it’s okay. How would you like it if wearing a cross, star of David, or a pentagram was outlawed? Just because someone idiot who robbed a bank in a burka mean everyone who wears a burka is a bank robber. Jeez you people are ridiculous.

    1. Totally unrelated. Jerks like you can’t figure out that the wearing of a cross or a Star of David, is first of all not a security risk, nor are they forced upon the people wearing them. Face coverings are in fact a hazard, and should be banned from all public and private spaces.

      1. the burka isn’t forced upon by the religion but by the husbands and that is an important but different issue although i agree it is basis for banning but not enough.(when ski masks are banned i totally agree with u)

  5. Seriously I can’t believe that we are still having this debate. Whenever I get a waft of hope that society can evolve into something great, it is dashed away by crap like this. You know what, society? I give up. How can we possibly move forward from racial discrimination when you people are trying your hardest to push back. Ok, so someone can’t wear a burka to rob a shop. They’re not just gonna say ‘oh well’ and carry on. They’ll put on a goddam spiderman mask and do it anyway. Saying that banning burkas will reduce crime is as absurd as saying banning a particular brand of kitchen knife will reduce knife crime. Can you people not hear yourselves? Seriously?

    1. Islam is not a race anymore than Christianity is, that’s your first mistake…need I go on to name all the others?

  6. KGS, you are ignorant and foolish. Just because you believe that something is not right, then everyone should and must agree. Muslim women are like precious pearls, looks away in a shell deep away in the ocean. It is stated in the Quran that a woman should cover up her beauty only for the pleasure of her husband, not each and every man lusting at the corner.

    1. Thanks for proving my point about islamic garb for women, its an offense to men, whom you automatically assume they want to shack up with any woman uncovered. You also base your silliness upon the fallacy that only men lust. To put it to you bluntly, until muslim men are willing wear the full islamobag, don’t speak to me about your piety.

  7. Why don’t you comment or say anything about a nun covering up? Is that also oppressive???

    1. BL, no one is imposing the habit upon a nun, she enters the order of her choosing, and, if so willing covers herself with it. The order of choice imposing the habit upon her is not seeking to impose the habit on all christian women, nor is the order seeking to overt turn existing legal systems or impose their beliefs on others. Islam by default, entirely totalitarian, and demands dominance within the public square, not to be on equal terms with other non-muslim belief systems. Islam is not even on a equal playing within its own camp of Sunni and Shiia.

  8. Well, well, well, contradicting yourself, I see. No one is forcing anything on anyone, least of all you. Islam is the true religion. Do you see me cursing at Christianity or any other religion? No, because it would be wrong if me. Please go read up on something before you post ignorant and irrelevant comments.

    1. Hey bl, bull crap, Muslim girls are committing suicide over it, women and girls are routinely beaten and battered by their male family members into wearing it, especially within Islamic countries, but in the West as well. As for cursing Christianity and other religions, the koran and hadiths and sunna of your prophet are guilty of exactly that. do you really want me to post the horrors, the bigotry and antisemtism of these classic islamic texts? really? you’re not speaking to some ignoramus about islam, the more one knows about it, the more one is brought to deeply disliking it.

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