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This goes to the heart of the debate Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho, was helping to bring to the forefront in his blog post that got him in trouble with the Finnish state prosecutor’s office. There exists an institutionalized protected bigotry against the main culture and people of the Finnish state. Saying something highly derogatory of Finns is allowed, while saying something of a similar nature against a minority will land you in the hoosegow.

In an Ilta-Lehti aricle reporting on the continuing debate over Swedish being an imposed second language on Finns, and interesting blurb comes to light that perfectly reflects the mindset at work with those who look upon themselves as the self anointed elite. Nils Torvalds, (pictured) mentions a blurb by a highly positioned Helsinki University professer, Paul Lillrank, that truly can be defined as a highly bigoted statement.

Niinpä Paul Lillrankin (Hbl 7.10.) mukaan suomenkieliset olisivat jääneet alkeellisiksi metsäläiseksi, jos uljaat germaanit eivät olisi heitä sivistäneet. Professorin mukaan suomenkieliset ovat luoneet vain kummallisia urheilulajeja.


“…According to Paul Lillrank (Hbl 7.10.) Finnish speakers would have remained primitive forest dwellers if the proud Germanic people would not have civilized them. The professor says that the Finnish speakers have only been able to create eccentric sports.”

Vasarahammer: “This guy is not just a nobody but a professor in Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University)”

Now, the Tundra Tabloids is not seeking the removal, sanctioning or even a verbal dressing down of the bigoted professor, the op-ed department in all of the nation’s newspapers and blogosphere is more than enough punishment for him. The main issue is however, the duplicitous nature in which the Finnish authorities handle the citizens and residents of Finland. It’s morally wrong to tolerate offensive statements of the majority population when they’re not allowing the same for the minorities.

It’s the exact same argument the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders is using in his call for the Koran to be banned in Holland. If you’re going to ban books that preach hatred of the other, like Mein Kampf, then the Koran should be banned as well. You can’t have two different standards according to the size of the group in question, and hope that the center holds. KGS

H/T and translation: Vasarahammer

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  1. I’ll provide the translation:
    primitive forest dwellers = untermenshen
    Finns join the Jews, Slavs and Roma.

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