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This just in. Henrik Clausen informs the Tundra Tabloids that this is still in Danish, it hasn’t yet made it into English until now. Henrik:

The usual gag: Adherents of the Religion of Peace plan to blow up Danish newspaper, who had the audacity of making a cartoon these adherents didn’t appreciate. Primary goal of this planned expedition to kill as many infidels as possible before becoming Shaheeds.

NOTE: This is a Google Translation. KGS

UPDATE: Denmark arrests 4 suspects over planned attack

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark’s intelligence service says it has arrested four people suspected of planning a terror attack against a newspaper that printed the controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons.The Danish Security and Intelligence Service says three of the four men were residents of Sweden and had entered the country during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

UPDATE: They’re now saying it was five Muslim men

UPDATE: Henrik: A strange twist to the tale is that their plan was to storm the combined Politiken/JP office in central Copenhagen. That’d put Politiken and (fubar) editor-in-chief Tøger Seidenfaden right into their crosshairs.

Four arrested for JP-terror plans

Published at 29.12.10. 13:50 – updated at. 14:01

PET have today arrested four men in London suspected of preparing a terrorist attack against Jyllands-Posten in Copenhagen.

It informs Security Intelligence Service (PET) in a press release that has just been released.

Arrests took place partly in an apartment on Mørkhøjvej in Herlev, partly in an apartment in Hedelyparken in Greve. Prior to the arrests has been prolonged monitoring and investigation, which has been implemented in close cooperation between the Swedish security police (Sapo) and PET.

From Sweden to Denmark in the night
Three of the arrested men residing in Sweden and Denmark entered the night of the 28th and 29 December. These are:

A 44-year-old Tunisian national.
A 29-year-old Swedish citizen born in Lebanon.
A 30-year-old Swedish citizen whose origin is unknown so far.
The last of those arrested have resided in Denmark. It is about a 26-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker.

While arrests in Denmark, the Swedish authorities in Stockholm arrested a 37-year-old Swedish citizen of Tunisian origin, according to PET’s press release.

Attack “one of these days”

PET estimates that those arrested were in the process of preparing a terrorist attack directed against a newspaper, “after the pet’s view, the Jyllands-Posten in Copenhagen”. The attack was to be implemented within the next few days, assesses PET.

In connection with arrests in Denmark carried out searches under which, among other things seized plastic strips that can be used as handcuffs and a gun with associated silencer and live ammunition.

PET head: Militant Islamists

“With the arrests we have managed to avert an imminent terrorist attack in which several of the suspects who may be described as Islamic militants with links to international terror networks for PET’s view would try to penetrate the JP / Politiken Hus in Copenhagen and kill as many as possible of the persons present, “said the head of PET, Jakob Scharf.

“Arrests underlines the seriousness of the terrorist threat that is directed against Denmark and especially against the institutions and persons associated with signs inge affair. When it has been possible to avert the concrete terrorist plans, due to the extensive and very intensive exploration efforts in both Sweden and Denmark and not least a highly effective collaboration between the Swedish security police and the Danish intelligence service, “says Jacob Scharf.

Grundlovsfrohør tomorrow

The four arrested will be produced in the preliminary hearing to require detention in the case, said PET. Those arrested are facing charges of attempted terrorism after the Penal Code § 114, see § 21

The planned terror attacks is PET’s perception averted as a result of arrests and the case does not lead to a changed assessment of the terror threat against Denmark, adding PET.

PET continues investigations into the matter in cooperation with Copenhagen Western Zodiac Police and the relevant Swedish authorities.

Perhaps more arrests

“It can not be excluded that in connection with the continuing investigation of the case will be no further arrests,” said PET in the press release.

PET will hold a brief news conference at. 17.00, where PET chief Jakob Scharf and head of Sapo, Anders Danielsson, will report on the arrests.

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  1. I’ll be curious to see whether this story has much “legs” to it in the U.S. media.

    What ever happened to your old revolving siren light? I liked that one much better.

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