France Muslims praying in the streets


The Tundra Tabloids is not sure in which direction they’re praying, if anyone knows the name of the street intersecting into Poissonniers street where the Muslims are praying across it, let the TT know. The Qibla finder will pinpoint the direction. KGS

UPDATE: Here is the map where the Muslims are praying in the street along the length of the Poissonnier.

Rue Polonceau with the mosque on the right side

Looking up the Poissonnier with the mosque on the right

Looking down the Poissonnier in the opposite direction

NOTE: This latter part of the street where they were (and are still) praying faces closer to Mecca than the rest, with the middle to latter end completely off. This is all in the same vicinity of the Myrha street praying. The TT didn’t really understand the magnitude of the area being taken over by these Muslims, it extends a major portion of the latter end of the poissonier street. It’s no wonder why they’re now incorporating the use of loud speakers, the size of the take over has increased.

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