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Saudi school’s name changed for blasphemy

By Staff
Emirates 24/7 Published Friday, December 24, 2010
Saudi education authorities have decided to change the name of a local school called after a famous pre-Islam Arabian poet because he was not a Muslim, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Friday.

Hatem Al Tai School in the northern town of Hail has been changed into Hatem School on the grounds the poet Hatem Al Tai was Christian, Sharq daily said.

“Education sources said the decision to change the school’s name was because Hatem Al Tai was a blasphemous man who had lived during the Jahiliyya era before Islam…several intellects in the city criticized the decision and considered it as an act of fanaticism, which is hated in Islam.”

Hatem Al Tai was a famous pre-Islamic Jahiliyyah Arabian poet. He was a Christian and belonged to the Ta’i Arabian tribe in north Saudi Arabia.

Stories about his extreme generosity have made him an icon to Arabs up till the present day, as in the proverbial phrase “more generous than Hatem Al Tai.”

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