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Ashamed Iraqi man ‘killed his daughter, 19, after she was recruited as suicide bomber by Al-Qaeda’


An Iraqi man killed his 19-year-old daughter out of shame after he discovered Al-Qaeda had recruited her as a suicide bomber. in the town of Mandali, about , searching for her on suspicion she had become involved with terrorists.

Najim al-Anbaky was arrested at the family home in the town of Mandali, about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad.

Security forces had carried out a raid after suspecting his daughter Shahlaa had joined the terror group.

The father at first denied his daughter had any links to the terror group, but after further questioning admitted to killing her.

He described it as an attempt to protect the family’s dignity and said his daughter had been recruited by al-Qaida to be a suicide bomber.

Al-Anbaky then showed police his daughter’s grave.

The father remains in custody and is under investigation, but no charges have been made yet.

A police official said authorities were investigating the possibility that the woman had a boyfriend in al-Qaida. The official said that according to local police records, the man killed a sister in 1984 in what was described as an honour killing.

Al-Qaeda has been recruiting women for suicide attacks because they can pass police checkpoints easier than men by concealing explosives under an abaya – a loose, black cloak worn by conservative Muslim women.

Suicide bombers have been the terrorist group’s most lethal weapon in Iraq, killing hundreds of civilians and members of Iraq’s security forces.

A female suicide bomber was behind one of the deadliest attacks this year in Iraq, after she detonated explosives among Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad in February, killing 54 people.

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