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The numbers are highest among high school graduates. If only these youngsters knew what statist politicians and their economic and social policies were actually doing to them, they would be rejecting their socialist policies and everything that stems from it*. Socialism intrudes into their lives at every level (as it does the rest of us) and is ruining their future, as the socialist driven economic pie shrinks, with more and more people compete for fewer and fewer jobs.

NOTE: You would think that the naturally rebellious youth would find true conservatism, based on individual responsibility, private enterprise and drastically limited government intrusion into their daily lives, more appealing than the oppressive nanny state. Just saying.

Statistics demonstrate that 239,000 households received income support last year. Based these figures, 7.1percent of the entire population obtained financial support from the state.

The total amount of income support paid rose to 615 million euros, up by 17 percent from last year. Since 2005, this figure has increased by about a third.

According to THL, the increase suggests that more people are coming to rely on these benefits to support themselves in the long term. YLE

* Radio talk show host, Mark Levin, mentions something about this on his radio show, every now and then, so he gets the hat tip for the thought.

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