Peace Plans


Excellent comment to this story:

Is it time for the US to re-think their Israeli-Palestinian strategy?

This again?

Unfortunately European media headed by the BBC have been pretty one-sided in their coverage of the conflict over a number of years and it seems to be getting worse.

What we’re seeing is the same duplicitous game being played by the Arabs over negotiations. They demanded a freeze of settlements before taking. Israel then froze settlements for 10 months. The Arabs refused to talk during that 10 months and carried out several terror attacks and the rockets kept coming.

When the settlement freeze ended, the ‘palestinians’ then claimed that they would only talk if the settlements were frozen. This is just a stalling tactic that they have used over and over again.

Even one of Israel’s sworn enemies Assad of Syria said that the settlement issue shouldn’t be a pre-condition for talks.

Another thing worth nothing is that the building in these towns/villages that are referred to as ‘settlements’, is actually taking place within the boundaries of these settlements. It’s not new settlements being built on new land.

I’m still perplexed as to why a country which has been attacked in several wars of attempted annihilation (the Arabs talks of wiping the Jews out) and has heroically and bravely defended itself against all odds, is being internationally punished for winning wars.

I don’t see other countries being punished for winning. I don’t see America handing back Texas which it won after a Mexican attack.

There were wars. Arab refugees as well as a greater number of Jewish refugees were created. Israel took in their Jewish refugees, the Arabs refused to take in their refugees.

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