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There’s no denying the reality anymore, Finland, like the Tundra Tabloids has warned in times past, is on the list of targets, not because what it does or doesn’t do, but because it exists.

The threat of Islamic inspired terrorism is real, and we don’t need Imams here warning us about the rise of islamofauxbia, but how they are working towards the full rejection of the jihad ideology and political sharia. Nothing else will do or matter.

So as far as the Finnish president is concerned, her wake up call is well received here at the TT, but she needs to translate that concern into action, which means schooling the government and law officials.   KGS

Terrorism: A stark statement from the president of Finland

Uusi Suomi: President Tarja Halonen has given harsh opinion related to the Stockholm terrorist attack, “say many of the media. Halonen said that a terrorist attack in Finland is only a matter of time.

– It’s not if, but when it happens, “said Halonen in St. Petersburg today, according to YLE News.

– Nothing else really left to say except that it is known that this can happen, and it’s not impossible for it to happen here, Halonen added to the Ilta-Sanomat.

According to Halonen, Finland’s police and security organizations are already working with this new phenomena.

A man blew up a car and himself on Saturday in Stockholm. Before the strike he had sent a message to the police, which referred, inter alia, the Swedish military presence in Afghanistan.

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  1. The fanatical Islamists always have a ‘reason’ r their horrific acts. The apoloigist,whining, hand wringing. liberal, leftist politicians foolishly think that responding to the demands will quell the anti Infidel violence. Little chance of that happening the Jihadists will just conjure up another ‘reason’ to commit violent acts against the lowly, unholy, inferior Infidel.

    1. I think you’re hitting on a symbiotic neurosis that has been allowed to develop over time, that allows this gross relationship to go on and on. Post Christian Europe still adheres to the principle of turning the other cheek that’s far removed from its original, proper context and applied to it a maximalist understanding, (pacifism) and the Muslims say “yeah sure, I’ll smack it now turn me the other”.

      1. There are a few books published in the US addressing the mental disorder of liberalism, written by renowned experts in the field of psychiatry.

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