Sweden Sweden jihad bomb attack




Pictures courtesy of Steen

Steen also captured the video of the second explosion, a woman is saying oh my god about the car burning, then the second explosion with the jihadi flying to bits can be heard and then the screaming. Also, the guy wanted to practice polygamy, was educated, not poor, and was a staunch practicing Muslim who believed in forking over the zakat.

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Muslima.com: I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. We moved to Sweden in 1992. We moved to Sweden in 1992. I moved to UK 2001 to study. I have Bacholar degree in physical therapy. I am married sence 2004 and have 2 girls. One is 3.6 and the second is 1.6 years old. I want to get married again, and would like to have a BIG family. My wife agreed to this. I am looking for a practecing muslim, sunni, love children and wants to please Allah before me. Ecenomically, am ok. I cant say am rich, but alhamdolillah not poor. When I have extra money I give for the needy. Which aswell is importat that you not going to mind that.

In the future, am looking for to move to a arabic country and settle down there. …


„Now your children, daughters and sisters will die, just like our brothers, sisters, and children.

Our actions will speak louder than words. As long as you don’t stop your war against Islam, mocking the Prophet, and your stupid support for the Pig Vilks.

Now it’s time to strike, don’t wait any longer. Come forward with whatever you’ve got, even if it’s only a knife. I know you’ve got more coming up.

Don’t fear anybody, don’t fear anyone.

Apologies to my family: I never went to the Middle East for work or to make money. I went for jihad.“

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