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The following was left in the TT’s comment box, by Glintspear:

It is my sincere hope that ANYBODY who takes an interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and especially those who espouse a pro-Palestinian view, read Sir Martin Gilbert’s unbiased and meticulously researched work In Ishmael’s House.

Sir Gilbert is at pains, sometimes frustratingly so, to find every scrap of goodness or good intention directed toward the Jews in Ishmael’s House (i.e. Muslim controlled lands), as well as to elaborate upon the horrifying suppression and subjugation that pretty much destroyed every culture and religion that preceded it, bar one exception, Judaism, and the Jews.

As the name implies, Sir Gilbert does not question the proprietorship of those lands conquered and subjugated by Islam, but rather records the relationship that existed within them between the conquerers and the Jews living there (often for many centuries before the Arabs and Islam ever arrived).

To understand the condition of Apartheid that Jews have endured for 1400 years under Muslim rule will do much to re-frame your view of Israel and the vociferousness with which they defend their right to exist, as well as the deep mistrust they hold for Muslims and Islam in particular.

I was a supporter of the Palestinian cause and a denouncer of the State of Israel before reading this book, and it is with great shame that I admit it.

NOTE: This offers some hope that well intentioned, thinking people, can be brought back from the brink through factual evidence and sound reasoning.

NOTE: Also worthwhile reading is Dr.Andy Bostom’s book The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

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  1. The only time Jews were subjected to “apartheid” was during the Roman period of rule over the Jewish Kingdom. Glintspear needs to take a good look at the definition of “apartheid” before throwing it around.

    The Jewish people (and the modern State of Israel) have suffered from anti-Semitism; not apartheid.

    Nonetheless, it’s always good to see someone have a change of heart.

    1. If Dhimmitude is not apartheid, then the Pope isn’t Catholic. I would suggest that you read Bat Ye’or’s tome on Dhimmitude and Dr.Andrew Bostom’s two major works, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and The Legacy of Islamic Jihad. Then please get back to me about Jews and/or Christians not living in apartheid. KGS

  2. Back when I was a kid, apartheid wasn’t merely racial segregation. It was racial segregation and discrimination enforced by THE MINORITY GROUP. Thus in the days of racial segregation in America, South Africa was an apartheid state and Mississippi was not.

    In today’s Orwellian world, this important concept has been eliminated and the word cheapened so that it can be thrown around easily.

    1. What I’m and the fellow in question are talking about, is a systematic discriminative form of existence, in which S.African policies and the history of Islamic enforced Dhimmitude are amazingly similar. I can’t see how you could see it otherwise.

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