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The Saudi Noose reports: Oh, she did say by the way,
that it was just all a misunderstanding..

This is rich, the badly beaten and near dead maid belongs to a people who believe that the Saudi  Arabs are the “chosen people”. If that’s any yardstick for how humanity is to be measured, than the future of the world is very very screwed. KGS

NOTE: Chosen? Chosen to do what, plague the entire world with their backward and loathsome ideology that’s responsible for every barbarity imaginable? What right thinking person would want that?

H/T: The Sheik

Saudi ‘regrets’ Indonesian maid’s mistreatment ~ beat, burnt, broke bones, stabbed and slashed with scissors

Islamization Watch: Nov. 17, 2010, Sumiati from Indonesia lies in a bed at King Fahd hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia. She arrived in Saudi Arabia a high-spirited 23-year-old, eager to start work as a maid so she could help support her family back home. Four months later, Sumiati was Indonesia’s poster child for migrant abuse.

The real question is how many maids are going to have to be carried out of that place on a stretcher?

Kissing up: official of the Indonesian consulate in Jeddah.

“(Ms) Sumiati is recovering now. She is in a good state of health … her appetite is good,” Mr Wahyudi told AFP.

“But she needs to be operated on at least once again, on her abdomen,” he added.

This is an example of how much the Indonesians don’t want to offend ~ there are two parts, people can earn a lot of money relative to what they earn in their countries. And two, the Indonesians view the Saudis as superior ~ as God’s chosen people.

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