Austria Turkish Neo-Nazis


Houston, we have a problem.

From the German language website for ESW’s Save Free Speech: A source who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, sent us the following class photo in the 2nd Viennese school District. At first glance, it is a picture of happy children. Those who look closer to discover, the greeting of the Grey Wolves.

The gray wolves are not representative of the Austrian Pensioners’ Association, they are the Turkish Nazis. Wikipedia knows, inter alia to report on this organization:

The Grey Wolves see as the enemy, the Kurdish separatist group PKK, they are on relevant websites referred to as “baby killers”. As enemies, especially Jews, Christians, Armenians, Greeks, Communists, Zionists, Freemasons, the Vatican, Kurds, Persians and the United States are mentioned. [2]


In the fight against racism in Vienna could start new red-green city government the same time with the public arising from Turkish racists who indoctrinate their children. A court trial for incitement and against Sabaditsch-Elisabeth Wolff will be there but not enough.

To protect the non-involved children, we have made their faces unrecognizable, the two culprits we have left visible. We are both the name of the informant, the school and the class known. To protect our informants, we have not published it.

Turkish Fascists out in the open the day the Mavi Marmara headed off to Gaza

NOTE: The sign reads in Turkish: Ellerinize Sağlık = Hands of Health

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  1. I ask this and I should gather this from here. Because we are not as criminal and killer WHICH you said nothing. We ARE simple nationalists.

    1. You guys a statist fascists (ultra-nationalists) pure and simple. You should be enjoying yourselves being placed in the pantheon of totalitarianism.

  2. Grey Wolves are well known to take part in murder and torture in Turkey.

    1. Grey Wolves.The well known FASCISTS and Turk NEONAZIS!!!

  3. Turkey’s noble protectors is GREY WOLVES against fascism okey ? GREY WOLVES is nationalists ideals of the prophet !!!

    1. Thanks for linking fascism and islam, it’s like I’ve been saying all along

    2. Grey Wolves against fascism??HAHAHAHA!!!You are fascists neonazis and liars as well.. GREY WOLVES (Bozkurtlar-MHP)=Turk NEONAZIS AND FASCISTS!!!

  4. I am a grey wolf, and I am sick of all of this shit.
    I am a Turkish racist, and I’m proud of that fact. Anyone who stands before me, and our ideals will face the consequences. We do not advocate any violent resolutions unless it’s necessary, and they now are!
    Because the k*rds and armeniyaks are out for our blood each day, and we will not stand there and take it.
    Libtards and communists can go fuck themselves.

    1. You morons are so self deluded that you don’t even realize that you belong to the same side of the political aisle, with the Leftards and Communists that you say you loathe.



    1. Fine, embrace your ideology, wrap yourself in it, but don’t be surprised when we rip the mask from your ideology and expose it for what it is…. fascism

  6. As a person who is of 1/2 Turkish Origin from my dad’s side (my dad was born and raised in the USA) and the rest of my heritage is Irish, Scottish, Native American via my moms side, I believe people of Turkish heritage have all the rights to defend their heritage and people from lies, fabrications and defamation. I think the Grey Wolves are a joke for Turkish nationalists and true Turkish nationalists laugh at them big time, but I find some of their views to be correct. The CHP party should prevail against AKP (The current party rulling that is backed by the Communist-Bolshevik EUSSR which rules via Quasi-Sharia Law) and MHP (Grey Wolves). But the Turkish people have a right to protest against the Kurdish PKK, which has bombed Turkish cities, Turkish schools, Turkish towns, Turkish villages and everything. Turkey has done good enough for it’s Kurdish minority, infact there are many Kurds who fight alongside with Turkey, and many Turkish-Armenians who fight for Turkey. Just like how there are many Hispanic Americans and Black Americans who don’t want Illegal Immigration in the USA and supports Legal Immigration and there are many Hispanic Americans who don’t want to annex Southwest USA to Mexico either. Also, there are even Turkish/Armenians who defend Turkey against Armenian 1/2 Truths, such as Edward Tashji. My point is the people of Turkish and Turkic descent have all the rights to support Turkey protecting it’s territorial integrity from neighboring countrie’s warmongering territorial demands, support Human Rights in their counrty, protect it’s country from terrorism, support it’s ethnic kinsmen in Cyprus, and fight against PKK rebels in SE Turkey (kind of like how Mexico and Colombia fights against their drug cartels). People have the rights to defend their civil rights. Period.


    1. You’re an ultranationalist. Are also telling me that you’re not a socialist, but a free market capitalist and someone who is for a liberal democracy that safeguards the rights of minorities as well? Hehehehehehe. I can’t wait for the answer to that one.

    2. if you love it you should love whos in it not just who you think should be in charge of it your logic is not sound and is there for invalid.

  8. many “GREY WOLVES” here in germany dont know what it stays for. Its cool, in … Some of them think what being against the terror attacks of the pkk maces you automatic to an grey wolve. And if i say that im not one of them whey saythat im on the side off the pkk. Just stupid. sry for my bad enlish im in germany (but with turkish roods).

  9. I am neither Turkish, nor Kurdish or a stakeholder to this debate on who is right and who is wrong. I’m of Asian decent that is born in Australia, and to be honest.. from an outsiders point of view.

    I think it’s great you voice your opinions and want to protect your country, but there is a difference between being patriotic and being idiots. The way you “grey wolves” are speaking on this forum shows me that you’re so narrow minded and are just sheep. Someone gives you an ideology which appeals to you, but you take it one step further and get side tracked from the original ideology.

    Being patriotic does not mean you get the right to kill whoever you want for no good reason. If someone hurts you or your family, you get that person not because of their nationality or how they look, but because of their actions and their ethics and morals.

    As Spencer Yilmaz-O’Hara said, the very people you hate and want to “defeat” are also protecting your country. Open your eyes, its not about what country they’re from, its about if they will harm you and your fellowmen. You can’t just kill everyone from a certain country thinking they ALL have the same mindset. Learn to tell the difference.

  10. It is real funny to see Turk neo-nazi hating the Kurds
    while their fathers used the Kurds to murder all the Greeks and Armenians from the Greek Anatolia that you invaded…same with Assyria(Iraq) that you invaded
    and again used the Kurds to murder all the Assyrians…

    Hoisted by your own petard, boys!

    Cant wait to see you nazis, commies and muslim fanatics rip each others apart!!!
    Then your Kurd killers, rich with oil money, will invade Anatolia and kill all the Turkish idiots(In French, Tête de Turc mean “Village idiot”!!!)

  11. Grey Wolves are Turkish Neonazi and Fascists.In the last photo they have swastika of Hitler too.So it os proven that Grey Wolves are the worst kind of Fascists and Neonazi.They are criminals murderers and they are worst even from Hitler.Their aids are similar to Hitlers.

  12. Hahaha obviously u don’t know anything about Turkic History and The Structure of Turkish Culture. U act and speak as Europian Haters against The Culture of The East Civilization. Shame on u dude your brain is full of capitalism of the west and britainic shits. U have lost your original identity about your nice lands, culture and brave ancestors. Let Nazism stay Nazism read some books man at least wikipedia is in front of your useless shity pc 😀 Check news and politics out and learn who is trying to draw this disgusting image for Turkish Nationalists and Folk. Nobody speaks about what did(are and are gonna) China, Russia,USA, Armenia(with some of Kurds), Arabic States, France, England, Germany, Greece to Turkic People in every possible place for torching and cursing. What the hell r we talkin about when there is a subliminal lesson as “the black turkic history” in some of Europian Universities. And let me reminds u that the real meaning of nationalism is loving someone’s his country and to get ready for protecting it against every potential bad result for his land. U hope u have a little intellectual respect and conscience cuz if u don’t, u have to have it buddy. Lastly: Don’t escape from reading and ability of looking from an objective perspective. I almost forgot don’t judge people or anything, especially without any knowlegde. Open your eyes, good luck with that dude!

  13. MHP-Bozkurtlar=Turkish neonazis and fascists.

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