Hijab Jihad Litigation US Court


There’s a continual poke and prod to see just what they can get away with, and of course the criminal Hamas front group, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is there to push it to the hilt. Push back is needed, and badly. KGS

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  1. Ok so can I go and plant a Christian church in Mecca next to the Kaaba? No! Why not? Because it is against the law. But that is discrimination you answer. Tough luck thay say if you dont like it leave. Oh really, ok then.
    So tell me if Saudi Arabia has discriminatory laws banning a Christian church next to the Kaaba, Why cant the bowling alley ban head wear. The premises belongs to them. If you dont like it. Leave! Stop crying about racism and bigotry and get on with your lives. You choose to wear head wear, the owner of the bowling alley has a sign reading ” No head wear” Accept it shut up and get on with your life you whinging whining muslim!

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