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There’s a video released by the LDF, but there isn’t any subtitles to it as of yet, so the Tundra Tabloids publishes the translated transcript to the release. It sounds very serious, the LDF is taking a no nonsense approach to the Muslims commandeering the streets of France to show their political weight. UNder French law, such taking over the streets for religious display is forbidden. KGS

NOTE: Special thanks to Gaia for sending this in.

Communiqué from the LDF:

Warning to Muslims who believe that the public space can be invaded without consequences.

For a number of years, certain of you muslim gentlemen dare to regularly occupy the public space for your prayers.

This occupation, as you well know, is illegal, and is, as we well know, a provocation and a demonstration of force designed to show your domination in certain parts of France and your contempt for our laws and the secular nature of our country.

These politico-cultural demonstrations are in defiance of our institutions and our culture, they put our territorial integrity under pressure with the aim of forcing the construction of mosques, which are often financed by the money of non-muslims who then find themselves victims of gigantic rackets in which our elected officials are complicit.

Muslim militias and certain muslims totally illegally block the streets to non-muslims, preventing the citizens and residents from circulating, returning home or leaving their houses and the mayors say nothing, the police say nothing, the State says nothing.

Thus it remains for the French Nation, to the citizens themselves to take over because all their representatives have spinelessly bent over in the face of intimidation.

The message sent out by the French nation to the “praying” is clear:

Stop praying immediately on the public highway, it is illegal. Pray elsewhere, or don’t pray, we couldn’t care less about that. Nothing gives you the right to occupy our streets, you must respect our laws.

You are extremely lucky that the French (of all confessions and origins) are so patient and indulgent with you but in the face of your arrogant provocations, one day the limit will be reached.

Then there will no longer be time to whine about discrimination. You will have been the sole cause of your inevitable future troubles if you continue to defy our laws.

Who sows the wind reaps the storm. Stop sowing discord in France, stop occupying our streets and our towns with your inopportune prayers.

(1) For example: the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë , under muslim pressure spend 20 million Euros of taxpayer money to finance a muslim “cultural centre/mosque” in direct defiance of the law of 1905 which forbids this sort of financing.

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  1. I appluad the message, the blame is put squarely on the spineless political class and elected officials. These lackyes and lapdogs of Islam have sold out the French citizenry, again prostituting themselves for a few votes , tottaly ignoring the safety and security of the citizens and the state. What good is being a law biding French citizen when you cannot even go about your daily life without being constantly harassed, insulted, assaulted or deprived of freedom of movement?

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