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For any freedom loving individual who believes in limited government with checks and balances, this absolutely frightening. No wonder that these EU bastards have engineered the mass immigration of Muslim immigrants into Europe, they know that they come to Europe from totalitarian societies, not so much for liberty and freedom, but for work and/or to suck on the government’s teat. No doubt that these people and other clueless Euro-drones could care less how restrictive and abusive the EU becomes, let alone undemocratic, (in the sense of being a real representative government). KGS

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March of the Euro police: The shocking powers of prosecution the EU has over all of us

The full extent of the police and criminal prosecution powers that the European Union has over British citizens can be revealed today. A Mail on Sunday investigation has uncovered an alarming array of new EU controls over justice and home affairs for which no one has voted, and most are unknown to the public.

These include:

Europol, the £60 million-a-year European criminal intelligence agency, whose officers have diplomatic immunity. An 800-strong paramilitary police force called the European Gendarmerie Force. The European Arrest Warrant, which now allows British citizens to be seized in the UK and sent without appeal to foreign jails for months or years without bail while awaiting trial.


The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) can also be used to extradite Britons who have been tried and convicted in their absence by a foreign court.

Meanwhile, the European Commission plans to turn Eurojust – a judicial co-operation body set up in 2002 – into an EU prosecutor using powers given by the Lisbon Treaty.

Also new, the European Investigation Order (EIO) gives foreign police forces the power to compel British police to carry out investigations on their behalf. These may include interrogation of suspects, interception of communications and bank records, and the handing over of DNA samples and fingerprints.

British police can be forced to investigate offences which are not crimes in the UK, or which they consider to be minor offences.

Before the Home Secretary agreed in July for Britain to opt in to the EIO, Commander Allan Gibson, head of the specialist crime directorate at the Metropolitan Police, wrote to the Government and expressed concern that the investigation order did not allow that the ‘proportionality’ of a crime be considered.

He was also worried about the workings of the EAW, which ‘has been complicated by requests for fugitives suspected of low-level offences’.

Other new laws giving the EU power over Britain include the EU’s Data Retention Directive, which forces telecommunications companies to keep details of every telephone call, email and text message and all web traffic for at least six months, and to make the data available to law enforcement authorities.

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  1. IMHO the EU is a soft dictatorship that is desigened to become harder in stages, and that the ultimate goal is an Orwellian state controlled(ruled) from the throne in Brussels. Gone forever will be any kind of local control or home rule unique to different countries and region. Soon the entire European population will wake up to the cold hard fact that they have been had or sold out by the elites in the collective governments who will gain in wealth (always follow the money) and power reducing the general populace to peasant status, wholly dependent on the state for even basic needs.

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