In all honesty, what the Jordanians have in common with the Dutch, is their Muslim population’s ancient anti-Jew hatred, or in other words, anti-Semitism. So in itself, it’s not an unique situation. One thing though, while they don’t ban Jews from entering Jordan, they do ban any Jew from buying any land there. KGS

No yarmulkes allowed in Jordan
Israelis crossing border asked to deposit yarmulkes on entering Muslim country ‘for security reasons’
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.28.10, 08:38 / Israel News

It has been a while since Israelis entering Jordan were first required to deposit items of a Jewish-religious nature in order to cross the border for “security reasons.” Most recently, Israelis have been asked to removes their yarmulkes.

A., an Israeli businessman who visits Jordan often was amazed when he was asked to leave his yarmulkes in a safe on his most recent visit to the country. “We know tefillin are confiscated and we recently heard brimmed hats were being taken, so we came with regular hats,” he told Ynet.

“The man in the counter asked us to take off our hats and we thought it was standard procedure for passport control. But when the man saw the yarmulkes, he took us to the tourism police. The officer there said that the ban to wear yarmulkes was ‘for our own benefit,’ put it in the safe and gave us a form with which to receive the yarmulkes when we return.”

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