“Obama is like a movie character,” said Nicole Bacharan, a historian, political analyst and associate researcher at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. “There is something very romantic about him and his fate is something that people want to know. Why is this young, attractive, very smart president struggling?”

This sums up the rise and fall of the “great leader”. Obama, the most hyped person in recent poltical history, is now known by the majority of US citizens as “the socialist president, or the Marxist” In Europe that doesn’t raise an eyebrow, but in the US, it is rightly understood as a great betrayal. The Europeans just don’t get it, and perhaps, they never will. KGS

Europe ‘dismayed’ as midterms highlight Obama’s struggles

LONDON – Before he was elected to the White House, Barack Obama drew 200,000 ecstatic fans during a 2008 visit to Berlin. Analysts predicted he would have easily been elected France’s president if he had been a candidate there. And the day after Obama’s election triumph, practically every U.K. newspaper splashed his picture across their front pages.
Europe had fallen in love.
Two years later, Obama is struggling at home. With the midterms looming, the president’s approval rating is at just 47 percent and most indicators suggest that the Democrats will take a hit on Tuesday.
Many Europeans don’t get it.


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