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This is the very same theme the Tundra Tabloids has mentioned and returned to time and again, Europe’s decimation, genocide of European Jewry, and the replenishing of that depleted number with anti-Semitic Muslims who for the most part, prove incapable of accepting European values and culture.
On both fronts, Europe is guilty of inflicting this damage upon itself, murdering its Jews and wiping out their historical cultural presence on the continent, and now they stand posed to do the very same thing to themselves. While it may not mean a quick emigration of Europeans to elsewhere, it’s bound to happen over time. 
European culture and its history will end up like the pharaohs of Egypt, -that is if the Islam practiced hasn’t devolved into its purist form by then, like the Taliban etc.-  with the cries of the muezzin ringing our from every street corner calling the faithful to prayer, while dhimmi churches remain silent, their bells removed and the synagogues long since vacated. That is Europe’s future, if the status quo remains unchanged. Just think, without the rise of socialism, none of this would have happened. KGS

Op-ed: Open letter to Europeans, who killed Jews and are now contending with radical Islam

 Europe, prepare for flood

[…] Slowly, our dear continent, you are starting to understand what you’re dealing with here. You are starting to understand the kind of religion and culture brought along by radical Islam. Suddenly, you discover hatred and the culture of martyrs, as well as intolerance and isolation, alienation in the face of real democracy, and the shunning of human and women’s rights.

Suddenly, radical Islam is stuck like a bone in Europe’s throat. You cannot eject it – because that would immediately raise cries of racism, human rights, and the usual babble – but you cannot swallow it either, because the white, democratic, liberal and Christian European culture cannot contain such radical cultural and religious elements. It will end with a major explosion, in more than one way.

Dear continent, there is no vacuum in the world. You expelled and exterminated us, and got the Muslim world instead. At first it was nice, getting a little Mideastern atmosphere and breeze, yet with the passage of time the radical Islamic storm arrived and now threatens to sweep you away, our dear neighbor.

Now you are starting to sleep in the bed you made. Suddenly you are discovering women wearing veils, zealous eyes, and mosques at every corner. Suddenly you need to contend with high birthrates, a culture with radical characteristics which you cultivated, and terrorism and violence which you ignored. You cannot deny this for much longer. The confrontation is already here. Unfortunately we are already experts on the issue, even though here too there is no shortage of naïve, self-righteous individuals.

The first time the Creator decided to raze the world as result of our conduct, he agreed to grant humanity another chance. He asked Noah to go into the ark in order to create a new basis for the world and produce a more decent humanity. The ark was the world’s chance; a momentary shelter.

So dear Europe, will you be wise enough to prepare ahead of time a physical and cultural Noah’s Ark in order to survive and preserve yourself? Or will your aggressiveness, arrogance, and hypocrisy not allow you to admit to the disaster you brought upon yourself, turning into a continent living on borrowed time?


Your Jewish neighbor from the Middle East

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  1. Thanks for finding this. I would not disagree with a single word.

  2. I'd never heard this argument before, but it strikes me as very true.

    Europe really did have it's heart torn out in WWII. In a way Hitler won – by permanently changing the facts on the ground. The Jews decimated and yes, we replaced them with people who have a long history of sectarian violence and struggle. We annihilated the builders and replaced them with wreckers and vagabonds.

  3. "…without the rise of socialism, none of this would have happened."

    I cannot agree with this statement. The only way to avoid the Islamic jihad that is dissolving European traditions today is to strengthen the secular state with the critical proviso that the separation of church and state be written into the European constitution and strictly enforced.

  4. Carax, you make the classic error of exclusively equating socialism with secularism, the United States constitution predates Marx.

    Socialism and its supporters are directly responsible for the dilemma that we face today.

    Without the rise of "progressivism" (read socialism-Marxism) in the early 19th century, we would not have had a major economic depression which would led to the rise of the Nazis in Germany and Communists in Russia.

    We would not have seen highly destructive state polices enacted that little by little detached the individual from personal responsibilities, the gave a greater role to the state in managing private affairs.

    Progressiveness (socialism) is responsible for the destruction of the traditional family unit and traditional cultural mores, which has brought us to this present state of affairs.

    The importation of millions of Muslim immigrants who for the most part, neither care for our laws and values, and suck what little wealth we have left. They are an added drain on a badly managed statist system of governance, and it's all because most Western states follow the socialist model for their societies.

    The statists, and their statist policies (Socialism ) are fully to blame.

  5. It is difficult for me to play the devil’s advocate since I am a business owner who must rely on myself to build up my retirement pension. Nevertheless…

    Capitalism works as long as it’s not abused, and it’s abused, one cannot the deny the savagery of the States. One only has to look at capitalism in America and the massive unemployment wreckage to society it brings while the big corporate owners become obscenely rich. There is the issues of ethics too. And there’s no such thing as socialist state. The modern version is a mix of capitalism and socialism. Like America, and The Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain Greece, etc. of course, some of them are so corrupt and incompetent of course they go bankrupt just like the big capitalist companies “too big to fail’.

    Social Security and Medicare is a socialist program and all economies of the world are mixed with some capitalism and some socialism and they just vary in their degrees. l

    Newt Gingrich never once introduced a bill to repeal Medicare so in a way he also has preserved the socialist state in America. Besides Rand Paul, there isn't a single Senator in the U.S. Congress who does not.

    It appears to me after the last World War it was America that provided social services to the countries it occupied, especially to Germany, what happened after the war were social democratic and communist responses that occurred in the world economy and the power of global capital (capitalism) the conditions for investment. To put the entire blame on the concept of socialism isn’t logical to me.

  6. 1.) The point you made first "Capitalism works as long as it’s not abused, and it’s abused," is exactly correct and the reason why it's abused is due to crony or fake capitalism which is practiced widely on Wall Street. The big bailouts of the automakers is one prime example, as well as the investment firms. It's not capitalism at fault, but the deviation from sound capitalist principles.
    2.) Massive unemployment is due to big, expansive government polices that punishes the small businessman, the Obama administration's wrecking ball economics farce and the crippling new health care legislation that's making in increasingly difficult for the private sector to hold on, let alone expand.
    3.) Ahh, no such thing as a socialist state, well seeing that the largest one went out of business over two decades ago, I would say you're right. As Milton Friedman once said, (and you know he was no friend of socialism) "capitalism can thrive in just about any society that allows a certain measure of freedom" (paraphrased). But the desired model is one in which the free market is allowed to grow and expand unfettered as much as possible by government. It's government meddling, and far reaching meaures when bubbles appear, that serve to extend the period of misery.
    4.) Any socialist country is bound to fail, when it's done sucking the life out of its people. Finland has a continual 10% + unemployment class due to the socialist system, and Sweden is no better. Norway,….they've got oil. It's only a matter of time before the utopian project implodes, the government is forced into divesting its overbloated bureaucracy and privatization once again adds to its coffers.
    Private compamies should be allowed to fail when they get plastered by the competition, but cronyism, read= big government, bails them out, when bankruptcy court would be the prefered option. Bankruptcy allows for the restructuring of the company, a breathing period in which labout contracts are renegotiated etc.
    5.) Medicare is indeed a socialist system, and one that's touted by the Democrats with pride and joy, and one that they've bankrupted, stole money from in the biggest ponsy scheme in US history. But lets not stop there, then there's Social Security that's suffered the very same fate, there's no money left in it, it's all been stolen.
    The fact that Newt Gingrich never offered to repeal it, doesn't mean that he's for it, far from it. The US, once it gets responsible leaders, has to ween the US public from these dangerous and counterproductive policies and programs, and reintroduce individual responsibility, and sound fiscal management.
    Socialism is indeed the culprit here, being fast footed and fancy free with other people's money. Socialism is great until the people who are footing the bill run out of the money. With over 50% of US citizens not paying income tax, and the burden of footing the bill placed on the smallest percentage of people who gross more than 100 000 dollars, something has got to give. Free loaders have to sart paying their own way. That means ending socialist policies.
    Of course one can blame socialist thinking, whether it comes from socialists themselves, or from people who claim the mantle of capitalism, but invoke socialist policies nonetheless. Free market capitalism is the only economic system that can garauntee the freedom of the individual and economic prosperity for all….if it's allowed to do so by government. That's the problem, greedy politicians and socialist gerrymandering of the system. Time to end it once and for all.

  7. You are correct. Socialism isn’t working the way it’s set up but I’m no good at making my argument clear, other than saying that socialism isn’t entirely to blame and capitalism is part of the equation that encourages the problem.

    All in all, I see little difference being under a socialist or a capitalistic system. Under both systems I personally can work hard and diligently toward my share of the wealth the world has to offer with essentially the same tools and skill sets, however, power will always remain in the hands of the few.

    Since before the Neolithic age there’s always been three basic divisions of any society, high, middle and low and no matter what “ism” or ideology you believe in, the essential structure of society has never changed and will never change.

    War is also used by Capitalism to keep the wheels of industry turning, America’s war machine attests to this; weapons, war, and the ideology that comes with it, are it’s biggest exports; perpetual war for perpetual peace. Orwellian.

    I find little attractive about capitalism in 2010 since it has provided no solutions, other than token gestures, to help make society a better place, for all, because under capitalism there must always be winners and losers and the poor must always pay for the errors of the rich (the moral ugliness of the Wall Street bailouts which both conservatives and democrats in America are in agreement).

    “Socialism is indeed the culprit here, being fast footed and fancy free with other people's money.”

    Before I moved my business to Europe, the government under the Bush administration, which ran up the highest debt ever in the history of the nation, was very fast-footed and fancy free with the tax dollars I provided for the wars and the 1000 military garrisons around the planet; I and the majority of US citizens who had to foot the bill and still do had no say about it. Of course the Republicans then had the gall to criticize the democrats for daring to clean up their mess. Like I said, it doesn’t matter which party you belong to, which “ism” you live under, they are all corrupt and the best thing to do is to look out for yourself and enjoy life. The “social contract” societies have is rice-paper thin and there are no constitutional promises to count on, whether socialistic or capitalistic.

  8. "You are correct. Socialism isn’t working the way it’s set up but I’m no good at making my argument clear,"

    Damne right I'm correct. If you're complaining about power being centered into the hands of the few, you should be rejecting statism with all your might.

  9. Oh an done more point. Bush did not preside over the largest debt in US history, Obama and his fellow socialists have that bragging right.

    During Bush's last years, it was a Democratic (statist minded) controlled congress, and the most Bush could do, was to institute tax cuts…which the Obama admin is going to let expire.

    Your and the planet's only hope is honest free market capitalism, statism never works.

  10. Forgot to add…in case you misunderstood the first time. Bush II, AT THE TIME, created the largest debt in US history. The debt that Bush II created just didn't disappear in 2009, Obama inherited it. Also in case you misunderstand. I don't like Obama, he is more of a bastard than Bush II ever was.

  11. Clarification, National debt Vs. budget deficit.

    Obama indeed has that bragging right in connection with bedget deficits, which ballons to Bush's, which by the way had for some period towards the end of his admin, a dem run congress.

    The national debt is an accumalation of budget deficits with added interest. The interest rates are what balloons the overall national debt.

    Obama has qaudrupled the budget deficit thereby adding to the national debt, far more than the Bush years.

    "Wall Street runs the US government."

    It's one of the main reasons why crony capitalism (business that rejects free market capitalism) spends more money on the Democrats than on the Republicans.

  12. No you don't know what you're talking about. Fiscal governmental budget vs. national debt. If you can't figure that one out…perhaps I'll owe to your not understanding real free market principles.

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