This should be viewed in same context concerning soldiers upset that they cannot do anything about Afghani soldiers raping boys in military compounds. There is little that they can do. Perhaps this soldier was documenting what is actually taking place in regards to the political correctness of the military to “not get involved” with local practices. KGS
Bad News From the Netherlands: Afghan soldiers, who were under Dutch command, tortured hostages in October 2007. According to the KRO media a Dutch soldier filmed the torture. On the pictures one can see blindfolded Taliban prisoners who are beaten by Afghan soldiers and also hit with batons on the soles of their feet. This took place in the Baluchi valley in northern Uruzgan. The military historian, Chris Klep, claims that the Dutch commander under whose command the Afghans served, is responsible for the torture. The Ministry of Defense says that the Afghans should be considered responsible.

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