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Presently, (but who knows how long that will last) the Finnish state demands a practical, written and spoken understanding of Finnish before granting any immigrant the right to receive Finnish citizenship, but in la la land Britain, the socialists are still allowed to enforce immensely divisive multicultural policies.  KGS
Daily Mail: Tories ‘back down’ over immigrants’ English test By Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday Political Editor.

Comments (30) Add to My Stories Home Secretary Theresa May was accused last night of watering down a Tory pledge to bar immigrants unless they can speak good English.
The promise was a central part of David Cameron’s Election campaign. But it has now been disclosed that the families of asylum seekers allowed to settle in the UK will be exempt from the ban.
Labour MPs said the Conservatives had been forced to drop their hardline stance by their Liberal Democrat ­Coalition partners who support uncontrolled immigration.

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  1. This, alas, was all too predictable. Once again this week the BBC has been pushing the case for mass immigration by using the bogus argument that it is 'necessary' because of our ageing population. This argument was deployed immediately after the announcement that the retirement age would have to be increased to 66 and eventually possibly to 70. The nightmare continues.

  2. In the modern age, importing mass numbers of illiterates is a recipe for disaster, and the destruction of the state.

    It will have to collapse, its bound to, before it can be placed on a better track, if it can that is.

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