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Pertti Joenniemi:
I’m an expert because I say so

Pertti Joenniemi, a Finnish research “specialist” at the Danish Institute of International Relations is another one of these daft “experts” who, as TINSC has mentioned to the TT on more than one occasion, “believe they have  a licence to violate our common sense”.

Writing in the Helsingin Sanomat -which manages yet again to find space for another op-ed that rakes Israel across the coals- Joenniemi proves again that being an “expert” does not necessarily offer proof of being smart, or intelligent, far from it.
In “Walls can be broken in the Middle East“, the author shows his ignorance of Hamas, the reason for the weapons blockade of Gaza, (it’s about weapons not food) and what the chances are for any kind of success for a peace settlement between the Arabs and Israel, while the Arabs refuse to end their dirty racist war.
Joennieimi: “What is happening to the Gaza blockade is what usually happens to blockades: in time their maintenance becomes more difficult and its legitimacy is begins to erode, and coercion is no longer enough to dam the need for normal human interaction.
Gaza blockade is no longer defied by only the local digging of tunnels, but it has also become a target for international civil resistance. Already as the first extensive and  impressive media account of the clashes showed, Israel is in many respects quite vulnerable. Its extensive military and the traditional tendency to use this power without any hesitation ultimately turns it against itself.”
What this “expert” is saying in layman’s terms is that, “the international community actually rejects Israel’s absolute right to defend itself, and that any attempt in doing so -which will automatically be interpreted as being disproportionate- will be met with international intervention, regardless of the fact that the Arabs have not ended their dirty racist war against the Jewish state, and which will procure any or all weapons that comes its way to use against Israeli civilians”.
That’s what this moron is saying. This isn’t about a real humanitarian catastrophe, but an imagined one, something that can be hyped up and used against the Jewish state of Israel. You can tell that’s his game by his refusal to address the elephant in the room, that being, the Islamonazis, whether they belong to Hamas, Fattah or the PFLP etc. etc.. They (the Islamonazis, including Abbas) catagorically reject the Jewish state and want to replace it with a construct of their own choosing.

Joenniemi joins a rather long list of failed “experts” who can’t distinguish between an Islamic supremacist movement, and the IRA, of which the latter they believe offers a viable comparison. The man and his fellow travellers are clueless boobs.

Oh but wait, there’s more!
Making light of Israel’s weapon superiority, he takes to quoting Swedish leftist loon and serial liar, Henning Mankell, asking rhetorically “whether a nuclear Israel plans to stop future blockade runners with a nuclear weapon”. Their failure to do so is supposedly highlighting the uselessness of the supposed Israeli nuke arsenal.
No you moron, they just intend to legally board blockade running ships who refused to dock first at the Israeli port of Ashdod, from where the checked goods would be automatically sent to Gaza. It’s idiots like Joenniemi and Henning Mankell who obfuscate the legality of what Israel is doing, (checking for weapons) as well as demonizing Israel for ensuring that no weapons make it to Gaza. Like I said, Pertti Joenniemi is an idiot, whether he calls himself an expert, specialist or whatever.
He continues:

“During its Presidency, Sweden explained the EU’s capacity for the recognition of a Palestinian state even before negotiations begin. Modification of the conditions of earlier policies did not yet exist then, but the issue however, was considered by Israel a  seriously horrible exchange of ideas.
How long will the international community be content to just wait and  leave the crucial initiative to the two parties? Israel’s readiness to continue the blockade of Gaza, to resort to military force in international waters and to assist in attempts to kill civilians, signaled that the initiative must be returned to the international community.

Again, this shows the gross ignorance of these so called “experts”, who fail to grasp, (or worse, they could care less about the consequences) what would happen if a “Palestinian state” would be brought into existence prematurely. What would result would be a free-for-all that would make the Gaza take over by Hamas look like a picnic.

Then the group that would remain standing, would most likely consolidate their power through the worst forms of oppression they could muster, while busily arming themselves for the next battle with the Jewish state. If there were an international contingent in the middle of the two sides, it would be used as club against the Jewish state, not against the nascent thugocracy called “Palestine”.

This is what the Israelis found so horrible with the Carl Bildt’s tomfoolery, not a “Palestinian” state that has fully renounced war with the state of Israel and accepts the Jewishness of the state.

As for how long should the international community wait for a Palestinian state to be brought into existence, ask the Arabs themselves, how long before they are willing to accept the Jewish state of Israel and renounce war with it. When they get the answer to that question, then they’ll have the answer to the other one. KGS

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