Faisal Ali Farah: Don’t worry about my zebibah (bruise on a Muslim forehead resulting from fervrent praying), I’m really a moderate Muslim, really!

Here’s an interesting situation, a Somali who’s also a Finnish citizen is running for president of non-existent Somaliland state. KGS

Finnish Citizen in Somaliland Elections

A Finnish citizen, Faisal Ali Farah, is a candidate in Saturday’s presidential election in Somaliland, a region that aims to gain its independence from Somalia.
Faisal Ali Farah lived for several years in Finland.
Finnish observers are among the group of tens of foreigners overseeing the elections.
It is feared extreme Islamic groups ruling in Somalia could try to interfere with the poll and security is tight in the region.
Observers say long queues have formed outside polling stations.
Somaliland proclaimed independence in 1991 but has failed to gained the recognition of other states. Compared to the chaos in Somalia, conditions in the region are calm and stable.

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