Masud Ganaim: Hey Jahood, you had such a great
time under the old caliphate, time for a new one

You can make this crap up if you tried. Here’s an Israeli Arab MK, the kind that sits in the Israeli Knesset and hurls spears into the heart of the Jewish state, and allowed to continue to do so because the Jews are so evil and mean spirited. Wake up call for Ganaim and all of his European fellow travellers who believe in the bunk he’s trying to peddle, Dr.Andrew Bostom has exposed it for what it is, mythical nonsense.
There were many pogroms of Jews at the hands of their Muslim rulers, who kept them in a traditional Islamic state of dhimmitude, second class citizenship, and as long as they didn’t dare raise themselves above the status of a Muslim, for the most part they were left alone. It was akin to the situation of black African American living in a segregated south.
As long as the Blacks “knew their place” and didn’t dare rival or buck the status quo of the white community, they went for the most part unmolested. What’s not accounted for is the constant fear in which the people lived, one false move had disastrous consequences for the African Americans as well as for Jewish and Christian communities in Muslim lands. If a Jewish shop received more customers than  that of the Muslim shops, then rumors of Koran defilement would lead to the “guilty party’s” savage beating and murder. KGS

MK Ganaim calls for Islamic caliphate in Israel

On completion of first year in Knesset, Arab MK tells Nazareth newspaper ‘it is in the Jews’ interest, since their golden era was under this caliphate’
Knesset Member Masud Ganaim (United Arab List-Ta’al) believes “an Islamic caliphate should be established and it should include Israel.” In an interview to Nazareth-based paper Kul al-Arab, Ganaim presented his opinion of the situation at the end of his first year in Knesset.
“I believe there is an urgent need to return to the Islamic caliphate. I believe this is the most fitting solution to the state of weakness, deterioration and erosion the Arabs and Muslims are suffering from,” Ganaim said when asked if, as a devout Muslim, he believes an Islamic regime should be established in “Palestine or the Arab and Islamic homeland.”
He said, “We are not necessarily talking about Israel here, but I believe an Islamic caliphate would be in the interest of the Jews themselves, since their golden era was under this caliphate.”
In the interview, which was published over the weekend, the Knesset member said, “We believe the Nakba stemmed from the weakening and the collapse of the Islamic body, and we must therefore strengthen the Islamic body.”
Of the fate of the State of Israel in such a situation, Ganaim said it would be included in the greater Islamic state. “We are not against the Jews, but against the Zionist movement and its racist ideology. We have no objection to the Jews managing their own matters themselves.
When asked about a possible conflict with Iran, Ganaim clarified that he backs the Iran-Hezbollah-Syria axis. “I am against any aggression and any alliance that does not serve the Arab interest. I support the righteous party. The Iran-Hezbollah-Syria axis represents the line of resistance and intractability, and naturally, I support this axis.”
He added, “Hezbollah is the security valve of the residents of Lebanon. Hassan Nasrallah has properly combined the political and religious plan.”

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