Dr. Ejup Ganic
A Bosnian Muslim suspected of war crimes, that sure doesn’t fit the narrative does it? There were a lot of atrocities committed during the period of the Bosnian civil war, (1992-95) which occured in the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Muslim Bosnians and Croats as well as Serbs were involved in fierce fighting which at times escalated into actions against civilians that have been deemed to have been war crimes.
Ethnic cleansing occured on both sides, but due to the West’s siding with the Bosnian Muslim factions, only the acts by some Serbs have been highlighted, while whole areas such as in Kosovo, were systematically depleted of  Serbs, hundreds of churches burnt and homes either destroyed or taken over by Muslim Albanian Kosovars.
So it’s good news that the former Bosnian president was detained at the British airport, and will be sent before the tribunal to determine whether he’s guilty of a war crime or not. There’s much, much more to ‘dig up’ on the Muslims concerning their role in that conflict, who have for the most part escaped closer examination. KGS
A former president accused of war crimes was arrested at Heathrow yesterday as he tried to leave the country.
Dr Ejup Ganic, a former leader of Bosnia, was picked up by officers from the Metropolitan Police following a request from the Serbian government.
The 63-year-old Muslim academic, who had been visiting Britain for a few days, is alleged to have played a key role in a 1992 attack on a Yugoslav army convoy that killed more than 40.
Scotland Yard said Ganic was arrested over alleged conspiracy to murder wounded soldiers in breach of the Geneva Convention.
He was taken to City of Westminster magistrates’ court in Central London where he was remanded in custody for four weeks, pending further extradition proceedings.

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