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Charisma of a damp rag” and
the appearance of a “low-grade bank clerk.”

The new head of the statist EU, Herman Van Rompuy gets his comeuppance in parliament, by the UKIP’s one and only, Nigel Farage. Pure poetry. KGS

H/T Reinhard

Van Rompuy insulted in parliament

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Herman Van Rompuy was subjected to a series of personal insults on Wednesday (24 February) spoiling his maiden appearance in the European Parliament as president of the European Council.
Mid-way through a fairly tame exchange of views on EU policy, Mr Van Rompuy was visibly shocked and uncomfortable when comments by British eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage took a personal turn.
Speaking about Mr Van Rompuy’s 15 minute introductory speech, Mr Farage said he had the “charisma of a damp rag” and the appearance of a “low-grade bank clerk.”
“I have never heard of you. Nobody in Europe had ever heard of you,” the British politician continued, referring to the former Belgian prime minister’s surprise appointment late last year to chair the regular meetings of EU leaders.
Virtually unknown outside Belgium, Mr Van Rompuy’s low-key manner coupled with not having any pretensions to limelight-stealing were widely seen as key to him securing the job – a new post created by the Lisbon Treaty, in place since 1 December.
Since then he has maintained the background approach but has started to make his presence felt by calling an informal economic summit earlier this month, suggesting EU leaders meet every month and making it clear that he intends to be a visible presence at the G20 meeting later this year.
Mr Farage’s outburst, which was rounded off with a back-handed compliment that Mr Van Rompuy was also “competent and capable and dangerous,” was immediately criticised by his colleagues.
Joseph Daul, head of the centre-right EPP party, suggested the UK should leave the EU as it is apparently not pleased to be in the union.

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  1. It was just so funny. :-)) I shall add a piece on my own blog on this tomorrow. Is Mr Pee Wee yours, Tundra? I would like to use it.

  2. The UK is the land of the spineless but Nigel Farage is the exception.

  3. Hi Anastasia F-B, yes it's mine, or at least the digitally manipulated version. I can't think of right now, any other character that would suit him better. hahahaha


  4. Hi Arius, yeah, there is a noticeable lack of spine in many of our politicians, whether in the UK, Finland or the US. Farage is the exception, not the rule.

  5. Well, KGS, go to Ana the Imp and have a look at "Boring Democracy to Death", my latest posting. Since you have not objected I've used your Pee Wee Herman image. I will, of course, take it down if you wish and substitute another caricature.

  6. By all means Anastasia, you are free to use the TT's photoshops whenever and however. Cheers/KGS

  7. Priceless!

    We need more Nigels to counter the spineless self-serving mediocrities who are choking the life out of poor old Europe.

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