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SDP’s Monica Sahlin going through the motions

There’s a new blog in the neighborhood, and from the looks of it,, promises to be one of those jewels that everyone, whose interested in antisemitism is Scandinavia, should bookmark.
The blogger, Israelsweden, >reveals an interesting situation in which the head of the Swedish Social Democrat Party (socialists), Monica Sahlin, met with local leaders of Malmö’s Jewish community, to address the antisemitic remarks of the city’s mayor.
In a recent interview with the Swedish daily newspaper Skånskan, the Social Democrat mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, the mayor of the city of Malmö stated that, his city ”does not tolerate Zionism nor anti-Semitism”.
Equating both Jewish self determination with that of judeophobia, is of course an act of antisemitism in itself. The Social Democrats, (regardless of the country in question) believe that their “progressive” credentials act as an automatic innoculation against the virus of bigotry, racism and antisemitism, but the public record shows the opposite to be the case.
To show just how out of touch with reality the Swedish SDP have become, in their attempt to address the justifiable fears Jewish leaders have concerning the rising tide of antisemitism in Malmö, read what the blogger, israelsweden, has to say about the latest turn in events surrounding, Ilmar Reepalu, Monica Sahlin, and the Jews of Malmö. KGS

The many acts of anti-Semitism in Malmö have recently made headlines in several international media. On February 14, Mona Sahlin, party leader of the Social Democrats visited Malmö to talk to the representatives of the local Jewish community about the anti-Semitic environment in the city. Central in the meeting was the conversation about the dialogue forum that members of the municipal council and Social Democrat mayor Ilmar Reepalu recently started to promote as a “cure” for the many hate crimes against Jews in Malmö.
In the meeting the representatives of the Jewish community wanted to get some clarity about Mona Sahlin’s stance on the much criticized statements made by her party colleague Reepalu on anti-Semitism and Jews in the city.
Reepalu was already subjected to much critique after he tried, at the beginning of 2009, to prevent the Davis Cup game between Sweden and Israel taking place in the town. He ultimately also contributed to the final decision that the tennis game was to be played without any public present. This decision not only caused the city a major loss of revenues but also showed Reepalu to be an advocate for anti-Israeli positions. Recently in an interview with the daily Skånskan he stated that Malmö is a city that “does not tolerate Zionism nor anti-Semitism”.
This statement was so absurd that after a while even Reepalu realized this. He then withdrew it in an interview with the daily Sydsvenskan.
Reepalu has further tried to encourage the Jews in Malmö to take – like himself – a strong stance against Israel’s actions in the Gaza war. He commented that in this way the Jews would prevent hate crimes against them. This is tantamount to saying that the attacked Jews are guilty of the aggression against them committed mainly by extremely violent Muslims.
NOTE: This shows that in the socialists’ world view, the only good Jew, is the one that conforms to their way of thinking, the others who refuse, are then just asking for trouble. Seeing that Malmö was the hub of pro-Nazi sentiment in Sweden during the 30’s and 40’s, it stands to reason why Ilmar Reepalu and Sahlin hold similar views.

UPDATE: There is also another type of Jews that progressive anti-Semities like: dead Jews, in particular if they died during the Holocaust. For those you can keep memorial services to show that you are a true progressive. That then helps to whitewash or deflect what you are – a progressive anti-Semitic racist behind a humanitarian mask.

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  1. I do not understand the anti Israeli policy of the Mayor of Malmo ,maybe there are too many Muoslems in Malmo and he needs their support.

    Any way the Jews in Sweden are citizen of Sweden and are not citizen of Israel.It will be better for him to leave them in Peace.
    And if he wants to understand the Israeli-Arab conflict he is invited to visit us in Israel maybe after he will see Shederot village under Palestinian attack he will change his mind.

    Dr.Benjamin Ellert
    Southeren Israel

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