UPDATE: Kumitonttu informs the TT that a report indicates that Ibrahim Shkupolli had dug out the eyes of his lover, making it less likely an act of jealousy, and more likely an act of a honor murder. The Finnish blogger Takkirauta has it here in Finnish. (This hasn’t been verified yet, the TT will find out for sure on Monday)


More fuel to the fire about Ibrahim Shkupolli, the mass murdering Albanian Muslim who shot and killed 5 Finns on New Years eve in Finland. There is now more evidence to his  being involved in the fighting in Kosovo, which lends more credibility to the possibility of his being involved in war crimes.
The Finnish paper, Keskisuomalainen states in today’s paper that the Kosovo mass murderer, Ibrahim Shkupolli, was interviewed by a Finnish news team, Nelonen TV, (4) in Mitrovica during their “independence” celebration last year.
Shkupolli was asked what he thought about the people in Kosovo being armed and about the number of weapons in Kosovo.
According to the news report, Shkupolli thought it was necessary to be armed, (TT: especially if you’re a wanted criminal) the paper also reports that he wouldn’t give a clear answer the news reporter over whether or not he was involved in the fighting. This was in today’s Keskisuomalainen 02.01.10, pg.7.
While it’s still speculation over the claim of his involvement in war crimes, it looks increasingly clear that he was nonetheless involved in gun battles with the Serbs, and when that’s taken into account with his recent massacre of five Finns, the possibility of his actually committed war crimes looks more likely. KGS


The immigrant is the most violent criminal in domestic violence in Finland

31.12.2009 18:51

When an immigrant living in Finland is guilty of a violent crime, violence involving an intimate partner is the most common type. In addition, the offender is typically sober, “says researcher Martti Lehti, from the Justice Policy Research Institute.
“Domestic violence is the chief crime among immigrants, and jealousy might be an accentuated motivating factor. Living in a foreign environment strains family relations,” Lehti says.
According to Lehti, the exception to that are the Russians, which resemble homicides in Finland: intoxicated men fighting each other.
“Immigrant crime level on the whole, is substantially higher than the rate of the host population, even though the number of their criminal offenses are small,” Lehti says.
Immigrant women’s risk of dying as a murder victim, is almost twice as large as the native-born Finns. Among men there is no difference. In 2002-2007, Finland, four percent of murdered women came from elsewhere.

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