According to the Tundra Tabloids’ colleague Reinhard: “She’s being taken to Iraq by her father, according to the news. According to the Swedish government statistics, this type of abduction of a child by one of its parents has increased steadily, from 762 (1999) to 1385 (2008).”

NOTE: No idea as to the name of the father and mother of the missing girl, but all indicators point to the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO = Islam) as being the identifying marker.

Search continues for 4-year-old Maryam

Despite a massive search, a four-year-old girl who disappeared on New Year’s Eve in Malmö in southern Sweden is still missing. Her mother claims she was kidnapped by two men and was being taken to her father, who lives abroad.
Police have released the girl’s name, Maryam Ali Abdulhadi, and photo and asked the public for assistance, reported the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.
The four-year-old Maryam, who was wearing pink and sporting pigtails, was with her aunts at Gustav Adolf square in central Malmö when she disappeared just after midnight. They called the police after unsuccessfully searching for her in the crowd for 30 minutes.
The girl’s mother has said that her daughter has been kidnapped and is on her way to her father, reported Norwegian newspaper VG, which interviewed the mother yesterday evning.
The mother told VG that Maryam’s father has called her and told her what had occurred. He explained that the girl was okay, but she was going to live with him.
The mother added that she doesn’t know the child’s current location. She told VG that the kidnapping was done by two men.
Swedish police have declined to comment on the new information, according to VG.
Several police officers searched for the girl in central Malmö on New Year’s Day. They interviewed several family members, but there is still no information about where Maryam might be.

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