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The anti-Semitic Chef:

My recipe calls for a pinch of Nordic Jew hate!
It’s common knowledge that the Swedish Social Democratic Party is anti-Semitic towards the Jewish state of Israel, so when the National Coalition Moderata samlingspartiet (Moderate coalition) won the election a few years ago, there was a collective sigh of relief. The thinking was at the time that calm, rational reasoning would rule the day under the government of Fredrik Reinfeldt vis-a-vis the State of Israel. How wrong was that? The Tundra Tabloids’ friend and colleague, Ilya Meyer has another excellent post that highlights the highly moronic policies currently driving the EU Swedish presidency. Here’s a portion of it, the rest can be read at Ilya’s website. KGS

You’ve got to hand it to the Swedes. Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt (he is nominally Foreign Minister but he pretty much sets the agenda and does as he pleases) thinks nothing of using his nation’s financial resources and political and diplomatic clout to push the EU to recommend giving away the Israeli capital Jerusalem to the non-existent state of Palestine.
He feels it is important to reach “consensus” on this issue, so ideally he would like all 27 EU member states to vote to ostracise Israel.
As luck would have it, however, there are EU member states that still hold dear old-fashioned tenets such as principle, honesty, legal entitlement and burden of proof.
Interestingly, Carl Bildt has nothing to say about the fact that his Consul in Jerusalem, Ms Anna Brodin, advocates official and close ties between Sweden – and hence the entire EU since “consensus” is an unassailable concept in the Swedish psyche – and Hamas. (Link in Swedish)
A quick reminder: Hamas is regarded by the EU, the UN, the US, the Quartet and NATO as a terrorist organisation. It is regarded as a terrorist entity by everyone, in fact, apart from other terrorist organisations. Even other Palestinians regard Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Hamas is even regarded as a terrorist organisation by Sweden under its Foreign Minster and de facto leader Carl Bildt. Within whose Foreign Minstry Ms Brodin operates…
Hamas still holds Gilad Schalit, an Israeli Jew incarcerated in an underground dungeon in Gaza.Without trial, visitation rights, legal representation, Red Cross visits or family contacts. The Swedish government, which is the world’s largest per capita contributor of aid to the Palestinian Arabs, has consistently refused to make this aid conditional on even the most fundamental demands for humane treatment of Gilad Schalit, let alone his release.
And Carl Bildt’s government now wishes to legalise contacts with Hamas.

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  1. National Coalition operates in entirely different country, it's Moderaterna or Moderata samlingspartiet, the Moderate (coalition) party in English language.

    Wikipedia entry for the party provides further clues.

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