Welcome to La La land, where a good dose of common sense and reason is not a requirement for serving in public office, to the contrary, it’s highly discouraged. The multiculturalists have taken to ruining many a good public institution, one of them being the police force, which has been hampered by many of their ridiculous “new and improved” regulations and policies.
Many thanks to Paul Weston and the Gates of Vienna for this timely, well written and thought provoking article. The Tundra Tabloids highly reccomends reading it in full, due to the length only a portion is made available here. KGS
by Paul Weston

Might you be one of those ambitious, clean-limbed, stout-hearted chaps who wish to combine a healthy outdoor career with genuine social do-goodery? You are? My dear fellow! Have you perchance considered the Police Service? It could be just the place for you!
Are you 5 feet 8 inches or longer and aged between 19 and 30? Do you hold at least five “O”-levels including maths and English? Are you the possessor of all your own teeth but not a criminal record? If so, you are qualified to attend an interview for potential recruitment to the… Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.
What’s that you say? You’re only 4 feet 9 inches, and more than a little rotund? No problem old chap, jump on this here aeroplane, if indeed you can actually jump of course, and we’ll take you somewhere with less exacting requirements; a place where you can swap sunshine and samba for drizzle and depression; a place where discrimination toward the vertically challenged is looked down on from the lofty heights of tolerance and diversity; an egalitarian place where the inability to peer atop the sergeant’s desk is no impediment to becoming a boy in blue. Let us go to Britain, the founder of an empire where once the sun never set, latterly reduced to a little Socialist Island where now the sun rarely rises.
You would like to come, but feel your possession of a criminal record might hold you back? Fiddlesticks and piffle dear boy, fiddlesticks and piffle. The British Police Service will not allow such a trifling matter to stand in your way. You are 53 years old? Good Lord, you look barely a day over 40, but inconsequential, dear boy, inconsequential. We Brits are very keen on diversity, even of the ageist variety. The London Metropolitan Police will recruit almost up to state retirement age, and especially so, if I may mention it, when dignified age is carried off with such wonderful aplomb by a… you know… a black person!
No academic qualifications either? Not a problem in the slightest old boy! In modern, caring, socialist Britain such elitist and bourgeois statements of a privileged upbringing carry very little weight. Lookee here my good man, swing this club at that passing pedestrian over there. Yes, the aristocratic looking one. No no, not the young one. The elderly petite lady, that’s the one, the grey old bird who looks as though she may have ridden to hounds in her youth… the slow mover… look sharpish laddie, she’s spotted you… GOT HER BY JOVE!
My dear chap that’s some arm on you! Perhaps you were an opening batsman in your youth, what what? No? You surprise me! Ah, quite, quite, cricket not allowed in prison, of course not, remiss of me old boy, remiss of me. Never mind my dear chap, never mind. I assume you have all your own teeth, the only essential requirement we ask of prospective British policemen these days? You do? Excellent, excellent, sign here, here and here. A thumbprint? Of course dear boy, a thumbprint is fine! And welcome to Britain… Constable Kaunda!
Ha ha, but the depth of depravity to which the British Police Service has been politically driven is of tremendous concern to all but our ruling elites. Whilst St Vincent is an admirable nation, it is nonetheless one which owes its living to the nurturing and selling of bananas. Britain is supposed to exist on a higher plane than such states, yet the majority of British policemen could never qualify for the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.
It really is true that St Vincent has exacting requirements for its police recruits, and it really is true that the British police require next to nothing. And the reason for this is staggeringly ironic — Britain has drastically lowered its police entry requirements, even to the point of overlooking criminal records, in order to recruit a higher proportion of ethnic minorities. The British police now recruit immigrants who are not even British citizens, provided they have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
Read it all here.

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