What a surprise that she
supports the Goldstone Report as well!

Another ’empty skirt’ leftist-feminist whiner

Folks, here’s an American feminist who wants to toss all that hard won feminism out the door when it’s the Islamic world in question. Naomi Wolf wants us to believe in her defence of the individual experience of veiling and/or the wearing of restrictive clothing, she’s in fact, showing us the legitimacy of the notion that wearing less clothing in public is for Muslim women…repressive.

Such thinking is total nonsense. Women living in Islamic countries have their world defined for them, for centuries, by males in a heavily patriarchal society dominated by male driven Islam. Period. Who is she to speak for the majority of women who have nothing to say whatsoever about what they shall wear and what they can do with their own lives?
Remember folks, most Islamic societies that have undergone their full Islamization, are by default, vigilante run societies, with the mob rule in the street and in the mosque controling both family and individual behavior. Islamic society applies extreme pressure on the family head to ensure his members, most importantly the women, are acting Islamic.
Wearing a scarf or a burqa, niqab etc., is never about free choice. The individual may fool themselves into thinking it’s liberating, but it’s a delusion, because in a free society without any such restrictions,….no women would ever choose to submit to it freely.
So now Naomi Wolf, who’s whining for being “ganged up on by the right-wing blogosphere” for being shown for what she is, a clueless feminist fraud, says she knows what Muslim women really want.

When caricature takes the place of dialogue, everyone suffers — especially when it comes to understanding issues affecting women, who struggle worldwide against being silenced. Some right-wing American bloggers recently twisted an article that I wrote in a way that did just that.” Hardly.

And it’s all to predictable that she would mention women, (all who all anti-Semites) are also anti-Israel as well:

Nazzal was trained as a British barrister, and chairs the board of the Human Rights Legal Aid Fund. Her organisation is intent on using international law to hold accountable members of the Israeli military who put civilians in harm’s way during the invasion of Gaza — events that the recent Goldstone Report confirms.”

The Goldstone report is a sham, with the man himself already admitting that: ” “if this was a court of law, there would have been nothing proven.” He emphasized to the Forward that the report was no more than “a road map” for real investigators and that it contained no actual “evidence,” of wrongdoing by Israel.”
The Goldstone Report is the equivelent to the views promoted by Naomi Wolf, because both are not based on any factual evidence nor have nothing to do with reality. That’s why they are so damn popular on the Left. KGS
Courtesy of Sheik Yer’Mami  “Finding no enemies, but plenty of (rich and powerful) friends in strange places…ah yes: Wolf finds “Chanel-wearing media stars who are rebranding a more contemporary Jordan…””

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