US Attacks Medical Clinic Treating Taliban Leader…….

Hypocrite Alert

Finnish FM Alexander Stubb:When Israel fires on a clinic full of Hamas terrorists, that’s bad
When the US, our ally in Afghanistan does the same, then that’s goodNOTE: Will human rights organizations be demanding that B.Hussein Obama be held for war crimes?The Tundra Tabloids is waiting to hear from the various Finnish “human rights organizations” as to whether or not they’ll be condemning the US led attack on an Afghan medical clinic. The TT is also waiting as to whether the Finnish Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen and his Foreign Minister, Alexander Stubb, will be condemning the attack on the medical clinic with the same zest and zeal as they did when the Israeli IDF returned fire upon the Finnish funded medical clinic in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, that was being used by Hamas terrorists. Finnish Church Aid was furious over the attack, so I wonder if they will be condemning Finland’s allies as well. Since the Finnish government is operating inside Afghanistan and in collaboration with NATO forces working under a UN mandate, that places Finland in a precarious position. The TT doesn’t believe that the US acted wrongly for a minute, they were acting well within the guidelines of international law, as where the Israelis in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. KGSUS helicopter attacks clinic treating Taliban commander

A US helicopter gunship has fired at a clinic in eastern Afghanistan where a wounded Taliban commander was being treated.

According to the US military, the helicopter opened fire during a lengthy battle with Taliban fighters after Afghan and US forces made sure no civilians were inside.

Reports of casualties varied. A spokesman for the governor of Paktita province said 12 Taliban fighters died but police said two. The US military did not report any deaths.

The fighting began after US and Afghan forces received a tip-off that a Taliban commander and three other fighters had been brought into the clinic. Snipers in a tower near the clinic fired at the troops as they approached, triggering a five-hour confrontation between about 20 insurgents and Afghan and US forces. The troops called in air support.

“After ensuring the clinic was cleared of civilians, an AH-64 Apache helicopter fired rounds at the building, ending the direct threat and injuring the targeted insurgent in the building,” a US military statement said.

Seven insurgents including the wounded commander were detained, the Americans said.

The clash comes as Afghanistan awaits results from last week’s election. The lengthy vote count, amid accusations of fraud, threatens to undermine the legitimacy of the eventual winner at a time when Kabul faces a determined insurgency.

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